The Main Characters in Huxleys Novel Brave New World

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    Jan 19, 2013
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John is an illegitimate child of Linda and the Director. He was born and raised on the Savage Reservation (where people still practice marriage, family, religion and natural birth). The devious Director left Linda. Savage is an outsider both in Reservation and in the Brave New World. John is very moral and naïve person. He falls in love with Lenina, but he refuses her premature sexual propositions. After his mother`s death, he becomes even more disappointed with utopian society. John has read the complete works of William Shakespeare and he quotes them very often. After his attempt to start rebellion among lower casts has failed, John goes to an old abandoned lighthouse, cultivates his garden and whips himself in anguish and remorse for his sins. However, he is chased by reporters and by crowds of curious citizens of the Brave New World. He finally commits suicide.  

Bernard is a sleep-learning specialist at the Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. Like John, he is also an outsider. He is very short for an Alpha. His freedom of mind originates from his inferiority-complex and depressive nature. Bernard is often irritated, bitter and jealous. Sometimes, he can be fearful and deceitful. He doesn`t like soma. Bernard is in love with Lenina and he disapproves of her sleeping with other men. Bernard`s return to utopian world with John the Savage from the Reservation is the beginning of his downfall. His triumphant days are short-lived. He is not able to think clearly because of his success. Despite his pleas, he is eventually deported to an Island which is inhabited by non-conformists like himself.  

Helmholtz Watson is Bernard`s friend. He is a good-looking Alpha-plus who is a lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering. He is agitated because of restraining conformism and philistinism of the Brave New World. He doesn`t like writing constant propaganda doggerel. After reading a poem to his students on advantages of solitude, he is banished to an Island inhabited by Alpha-plus non-conformists.  

 Mustafa  Mond is Resident World Controller of Western Europe. He is very intelligent, kind, well-mannered and refined person. When he was young, Mustapha was doing forbidden scientific research and he still has a small library of prohibited books in his safe. However, he claims that art, literature and scientific freedom have to be sacrificed in order to secure the utilitarian goal of social happiness. He protects the genetic caste system, behavioural conditioning and the lack of personal freedom. According to him, stability is the most valuable social virtue because it provides permanent happiness.


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