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    Jul 24, 2014
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Dss Housing Benefits Photo by Steve Lamb

There are many advantages the landlords can have by renting the property to the dss accepted tenants. Today, the rental business is increasing with a growth of about 85% per year. The rise in the demand for rooms, houses, flats and apartments on dss rental basis is increasing. The landlords have to think about their profits and also about getting the payments on time even before renting the property.  According to a survey, It is noted that the tenants on benefit are surely more beneficial for the landlords than having private tenants.

Lets us discuss some of the advantages that a landlord can have by renting his property to the dss tenants as per the rules of council.

• The main advantage - the landlords can have, is the guaranteed payments from dss tenants, as they get the monthly allowance from the council.  Landlords will not get any guarantee from the private tenants.
• The landlords do not have to pay for contacting the councils, in order to have dss accepted tenants for their property. The higher commission payments charged by the letting agents to find tenants will be saved.
• The insurance on dss rental properties can be made available for the landlords to cover the monthly payment dues and other legal charges. 
• Council gives every right to the landlords to decide about the dss tenants without any pressure. Most of the time letting agent decides about the tenants and pressurize landlords.
• Landlords get every opportunity to meet the dss tenant before the agreement and decide about the deal without any Interference from agents, which can help in dealing the situations and having personal understanding.
• Landlords can check the rental history of the dss tenants before deciding to give property on rent. It helps landlords to know if the tenants will pay on time.
• Landlords will know about the allowance paid to the dss tenants including the shortfalls, which help them in keeping the track of rental payment in advance.
• The best option landlords can have is to choose the full-management option with letting agents who can handle the dss tenant completely, which reduces all the worries of the landlord and makes the dealing easy to handle.
• The dss letting agent can handle the tenant on landlord’s behalf.  In case of problems, tenant can contact the agent to find solution instead of going to landlord. It keeps landlords free from getting involved into minor issues.

Today there is economic crisis; people are not sure of their jobs and the chances of losing the jobs are more. For the landlords’ most reliable tenants – the working professionals are struggling to pay the rent and at this point the dss accepted tenants could be considered as most reliable because they get paid directly from the government.

Most of the local councils do the payments directly to the landlords as the money goes into their accounts every month which saves them from chasing the tenants for the payments.

To come to the conclusion, the landlords can easily and reliably depend on dss accepted tenants and tenants too can depend on dss accepted properties completely which surely help them in mutually understand each other well.

Visit : www.dss-accepted.co.uk  To find  about Dss housing benefits and more

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Visit : www.dss-accepted.co.uk To find about Dss housing benefits and more

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