Alone in a New City? Try Living in an International Share House!

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    Dec 06, 2012
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Anyone who has seen the classic share house movie The Spanish Apartment is sure to have felt just a twang of longing to experience the lifestyle of chaos and drama in which the protagonist is thrown.   Indeed, it is the spirit of adventure and novelty, captured to perfection in the film, that makes the Erasmus program such a popular choice among European students.

Thanks to the growing number of partnerships between Australian and international universities, discovering the joys and exoticism of a new city is now a reality for thousands of Australian students.  However, while studying abroad can seem like one wild party from the outside, it also demands organisation, and finding accommodation is a chief concern.  In light of this, Share My Flat has launched an innovative website to help students secure a perfect room no matter the city.

Sharemyflat, which has been in operation for just over three months and is completely free to use, is quickly becoming a popular and easy choice for finding shared accommodation worldwide.  Since its inception, Share my flat has already garnered 1500 accommodation announcements across the globe. “Sharemyflat has been developed with the aim of making it even simpler and faster to find a room.” says the website’s developer Philippe Jardel. “By the use of an interactive map, detailed search criteria and a clear layout, we aim to save our users’ time.”

The site has been designed with an international focus and boasts announcements in cities as diverse as Berlin, Prague and Moscow. For this reason, the site’s interface is available in nine languages, and all information can be accessed in English. Users can also choose the currency in which they wish prices to be displayed.

An additional benefit of Share my Flat is the added security for international room owners, afforded by a unique management system. The management system allows landlords to handle multiple room announcements, schedule inspection times and it records conversations with prospective tenants. This not only provides a safe domain for room owners, but it also improves the overall efficiency for people searching for rooms.

So if you want to find your very own Spanish Apartment to welcome you while studying abroad, why not check out sharemyflat. With over 141,000 homepage visits, it is set to become the reference point for students, professionals and travellers alike.

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