Landlords Prefer Dss Accepted Tenants - Why?

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    Jul 24, 2014
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Landlords Prefer Dss Accepted Tenants - Why? Photo by Steve Lamb

What is the reason behind, landlords preferring only Dss tenants? There is no single reason but there are few valid points, we need to think of.  The intention behind discussing these points is to find out - why dss tenants are much preferred by landlords than other occupants.

Earlier the benefit systems of renting have been altered in many different ways, to get maximum advantages to the tenants. It has been closely followed by few landlords, who want to make deal with dss tenants only.   From the past few years, the landlords have been trying to raise an issue of the fact that - whether to rent the property to the dss occupants or not?  The issue of tenants on benefit has divided the landlords clearly.  Some landlords are ready to rent their property to the occupants on benefits but few others try to avoid them.

One has to come out clearly with the pros and cons of this issue of tenants on benefit and renting the property to them.  One needs to understand the number of benefits in renting the dss accepted properties to the occupants -on benefit than to the private tenants. Let us discuss in detail about some valid facts and few apt reasons for handling the dss tenants effectively.

Even though DSS (Department of Social Security) was dissolved in year 2001, but even today, it is commonly used to refer to the occupants on benefit. And in near future the LHA (Local Housing Allowance) or it is called as housing benefit will get combined with Universal credit.

Even landlords today, have to know about why they should choose tenants on benefits rather than private tenants. But the fact is, renting property to tenants on benefit has created some sort of uncertainty in the minds of some landlords.  But if we discuss the matter in details then surely we can get lot many positive points to ponder about.

It has been found that most of the time, the LHA occupants are held responsible either rightly or wrongly for higher maintenance costs, as most of the unemployed tenants stay at home all the time than the occupants who go for work. Also the strain-full relation between landlords and tenants due to late or non-existence payments often have gloomy effect on the association between landlords and the councils. 

But the positive side is most of the landlords today believe in dss accepted tenants and find it very profitable proposition to work with.  The landlords are ready to offer their properties to the occupants and making the deals successful by getting the returns.

Is there any secret behind it?  Most of the dss tenants today are willing to keep the landlords happy which in return helps them to live peacefully by sharing the dss accepted properties.  And the increasing demand to rent a flat or to rent a house with respect to the changes in Welfare Reform made it possible and will continue for some more years in the future.

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