The eviction process Details to have in mind

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    May 08, 2013
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The eviction is a last resort tool against bad tenants. Landlords tend to evict tenants when they breach their rental agreement and don’t try to correct this unacceptable violation. However evictions are legal proceedings which must be conducted in full accordance to the local laws.

Before a landlord evicts a renter he or she must be sure that the reasons for eviction are valid. According to most laws the reasons that allow an eviction are:

1. Not paying rent for a period of one month or more
2. Incurred damages by the tenants that haven’t been repaired
3. Conducting illegal activities on the premises of rented property
4. Violating any term from the signed rental agreement

Although the reasons may be valid, the landlord must possess evidence to prove the guilt of the tenant. Such proofs are payment records, photographs or video recordings of the damages and so on. Without such evidence an eviction proceeding won’t be allowed by any court.

A landlord must always conduct an eviction with the assistance of a lawyer. Lawyers know in detail the real estate laws and can provide the necessary information to the landlords so that the eviction passes smoothly and without any complications. A landlord must notify the tenant about his intentions. This way the tenant will have a short amount of time to correct the wrong doing. In the notification letter the reasons for the eviction must be mentioned, as well as the evidences. If the tenant doesn’t correct his mistake within the given amount of time the court will judge for an eviction. In such cases the renter will have one week to move out and conduct his end of tenancy obligations such as a final cleaning.

If the tenant doesn’t conduct his obligation the landlord has the right to retain the initial security deposit. With the retained money the landlord can pay for the repairs or to the company that provides end of tenancy cleaning based services. To find such companies one must read the London tenancy cleaners section in the newspapers.

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