Applying for a Rental Property How To Guide

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    Oct 04, 2012
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Applying for a rental property can be difficult to say the least! I have had so many bad experiences over the years. My biggest challenge was staying focused through out the entire process. After 4 years of renting I began to discover an easy way. I started doing these steps automaticlly .   Here is my 6 step guide that will help you apply for a rental property.  

  •  Make a list of requirements for your new rental property. Decide on your must have's, and the must nots! Make the list flexible, for example if it has something your really want what can you sacrifice for it.
  • Go to the area your interested in. Walk around. Get a feel for the area. You should try go there once during the day and again at night. You may want to check out the surrounding areas for other rental properties. You may find less people applying.
  • Subscribe to a rental property list in your area. 
  •  Be ready. Have your tenancy applications filled in. Have copies of your ID's and references. These forms can take a couple of hours and you may miss the chance.
  • When applying put as much information as possible on the application. Think "why would they choose me over..."

  After you are the "chosen one", you can tap yourself on the back. Conragtulations.   You may or may not get a choice of days to move in. If you get a choice I would recomend any week day except friday. This is becuase you need to get your utility connections organised. Many power and gas companies don't work weekends.   You must check with your real estate what utilities you are required to connect. This may vary from region to region. For example in Queensland renters are not required to connect water. However in Victoria it is a requirement. If you follow these easy steps you should have no problem applying for a rental property.

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