How to Find Right Property to Rent in London UK

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    May 24, 2013
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How to Find Right Property to Rent in London UK Photo by Wonder Property

London, being one of the world’s leading financial centers attracts a wide range of people who come to capital city to live and work. Sooner or later, everyone who is new in the capital city, face the challenge of finding a home amongst the thousands of properties to rent in London. This can be a prolonged and challenging process, but considering a few things can make the search for your ideal property for rent easier and more enjoyable.

Decide on the Basics

Viewings are undoubtedly the lengthiest part of the search, especially when finding properties to rent in London. Distances are far and travel times can be long during rush hours. Hence, you are advised to do as much preparation as possible before actually going to see an available flat or house for rent.

The first thing that you must consider should be the size of flats or house to rent you are searching. Decide how many people you are planning to live with and choose the number of bedrooms accordingly. With so many properties to rent in London, always limit your search to a fewer areas of the city. There are certain things that you need to consider while choosing a location. You might be already aware of the location that you would like to live – maybe you grew up in that locations or you have friends or colleagues that live nearby. On the other hand, if you are new to London and looking for a property to rent for the first time in the capital city, then it is worth keeping a few more things in mind.

Commuting times can be long in London and one of the most significant factors when choosing the location of the property is the distance to your workplace and time needed to reach there. Keep in mind; you will often travel to and from work 10 times every week. Supposing that it will take 1 hour each way, you will spend more than entire working day while traveling between your home and workplace.

Refine Your Search

Once you have decided on the size and location of a flat or property to rent, it is the time to decide on the price that you can expect to pay. Be practical about this and do not suppose you will find many properties that much cheaper than the ones you find in the advertisement. Prices for the smallest rental property you are looking for might be too high in the location you have chosen. In this condition, you can consider locations nearby which might be cheaper or you modify your search to other locations it city.

After considering the basic requirements, area and price of the property to rent in London UK, you can further refine your search by considering the type, style and furnishing you want before contacting real estate or property agents and private landlords to arrange viewings. Obviously, you will never find a property to rent in London UK which exactly meets all your requirements but having an idea of your requirements and deciding on the location and price before arranging viewings will definitely save your time and efforts.

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