Where TEFL Teachers Might Work

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    Dec 19, 2013
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Where TEFL Teachers Might Work Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

English continues to grow as the language of the business world. Many schools in non-English speaking nations hire native English speakers to teach their students. The economy has become much more global in the last forty years, and with the boom of advanced communication in the past twenty years, being conversant in English is essential, regardless of where you reside. When students complete their programs in TEFL Edinburgh is just a starting point. Their career will often have a future in distant land. Each nation has different needs and offers different benefits, which may be important when it comes to job applications.

Opportunities are vastly different from Europe to Asia, from Africa to South America. Naturally, pay varies somewhat. Sometimes the pay seems excellent, but rent is expensive. On the other hand, sometimes pay seems lacking, but it actually affords a middle class lifestyle in the context of the local economy, especially when a teacher has free rent. Sometimes bilingual local citizens are hired, but in many nations there are still jobs for expatriates who have gone through the certified programs in TEFL Edinburgh offers. Costa Rica is a popular destination because of its interesting culture, the tropical climate, and the stability of local politics compared to other countries in the region.African jobs however, are harder to come by for new TEFL teachers. Bilingual local citizens are often hired, and governments in African nations are not necessarily stable in the long term. Some countries also get help from specific agencies like the Peace Corps and thus might not hire from a TEFL program.

For years, Asia has been a big market for TEFL. Nations like the Republic of Korea have consistently had a high demand for people with TEFL certificates, although this may be diminishing slightly. Like Japan, South Korea hasgovernment programs in place to try to increase its percentage of English speakers. Around 7000 native English speakers teach English in South Korea today, where professional organizations act as a support mechanism for these teachers. Schools there will often give a teacher a free apartment and round trip airfare if he or she will commit to a one year contract. Of course, they also require a college degree.Once students earn certification in TEFL Edinburgh could be the start of a great journey to in placements like South Korea. Other locations that could be attractive include Taiwan or Singapore, great cultural crossroads which pay relatively well. Vietnam and Thailand also have jobs, but they don’t pay as well.

After a student completes a program in TEFL Edinburgh might not seem too exotic, but there are also TEFL jobs in the U.K. and the U.S. Comfort level is important. Whichever site a new TEFL teacher chooses, it will surely be memorable.

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