Reasons to Study TEFL in Cambridge

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    Dec 11, 2013
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Reasons to Study TEFL in Cambridge Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

Teaching English as a foreign language is a popular career. There are many options for you if you are interested in professional training as a language teacher. Choosing a TEFL course in Cambridge is especially appealing because of the unique location. Cambridge has a long tradition of academic excellence, world-class museums and art collections, and some of the most beautiful buildings in England. When you come there for a course, you will find a perfect combination of modern conveniences and historical elegance.

Tourists have enjoyed visiting Cambridge for many years. When you sign up for a TEFL course in Cambridge, you can enjoy the attractions while you develop your career skills. The natural setting of the city is very beautiful, with the River Cam running through grassy meadows and past majestic buildings. You can rent a boat and tour the river yourself, or you can participate in guided boat rides with an experienced local guide. If the weather is good, a picnic is always a popular option. If it is cold or rainy, you can move inside and enjoy the local theatres and museums. There are many plays and musical performances every day of the week. Cambridge is well known for its excellent choirs and orchestras. Are you fascinated by books and literature? Cambridge is renowned for its world-famous bookstores. A number of great novels and poems are also set there. You can follow in the footsteps of your favorite fictional characters as you wander through the picturesque streets and alleys of the city.

Once you have chosen your TEFL course in Cambridge, it is easy to arrange transport and accommodation. There is a direct highway connection from London via the M11, and there is direct railway service from London. Trains travel between London and Cambridge twice every hour. The train journey can take as little as 50 minutes. When you have found a place to stay during your course, you will want to find an easy way to get around the city. Bicycling is very popular in Cambridge because of the flat terrain and the relatively mild climate. Many Cambridge residents use their bicycles to travel to school or work every day. You can join the locals on your own bike and get some healthy exercise every day. Bike rentals and purchases are easily available in the city.

Are you interested in teaching English abroad? A TEFL course in Cambridge can be a passport to new career opportunities and choices. Cambridge is a unique venue for TEFL training in a beautiful and historic city. Register for your course today!

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