Study Tips for Completing a TEFL Course

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    Nov 23, 2013
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Study Tips for Completing a TEFL Course Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

Becoming certified to teach English as a foreign language abroad can open up doors of great opportunity and can lead to some life-changing experiences. But before you can hop on the plane and start your new adventure, you have to become certified and pass your TEFL course. The 120-hour course includes both in-class and online instruction, and if you are unfamiliar with online course work then you may find yourself struggling to complete the certification successfully. The following are some study tips that will help you get through your TELF course as quickly as possible.

One of the great benefits of online work is that you can do it almost anywhere. In a coffee shop, in your bedroom, or even on the bus, all you need is an internet connection and a lap top. While a free-style work environment may work for you, there are many people that need more structure in order to be efficient. Setting up a study and work space that is specifically designated for your TEFL course can often increase your output. If there is one space where you always go to work, then you will probably be better at focusing and getting quality studying done.

Many online classes don’t have much paperwork, since they are all done on the computer. Keeping on top of your assignments and papers is easier when you can organize them or put them in folders. Staying organized for an online class can be just as easy if you try to keep yourself organized on your computer. Setting up specific folders on your desktop for your TEFL  course will help you to keep track of assignments. A calendar and reminders on your computer will help you stay on top of due dates as well. If possible, make yourself a schedule and stick to it as closely as possible.

Having the ability to study at any time can be especially helpful to those trying to balance another job with a TEFL course. Once you are settled into your studies, make sure to set aside a certain time of day when you can study. If possible, try to study at the same time every day of the week so that you can stay consistent. Studying a little bit here and a little bit there is not as beneficial as studying for a longer block of time each day, so try to set up a schedule that will allow you to study for a good chuck of the day. Proper studying techniques can help you get TEFL certified at a quicker pace.

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