The Special One about Antiques

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    Jul 25, 2014
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The Special One about Antiques Photo by Patrick Burk

People have always been fascinated by The Antiques Roadshow. Long lines of hopeful people clutching their treasured antique waiting to find that their antique is among the rarest antiques in the world. That antique had pride of place in their cabinet or mantel piece for years and been handed down from a great aunt or a long forgotten legacy. Frequent visits to antique stores over the years had allowed them compare their antique with similar antiques and estimate a value however inaccurately. It is a brave step to reveal their treasure before the TV audience to have its merits and defects discussed and to find that it was not an original antique but an old reproduction.

Some viewers of The Antiques Roadshow play games guessing the value of each featured antique. Others who are avid antique collectors or who have antique stores have a more discerning professional interest. And then there are those who suddenly see a featured antique and it lights the flame of collecting in an instance.

Many years ago The Antique Roadshow featured one of those rare French antiques, a beautiful platinum lorgnette with a diamond and sapphire encrusted handle. It began a life quest for one viewer to find a similar antique lorgnette with the elegant handle and those sparkling diamonds and misty sapphires from the jungles of Burma. She determined that she would find an antique lorgnette just like it and she searched every antique store she found all over the world but particularly those specializing in French antiques. She searched her favorite online antique stores regularly. Her search was in vain but along the way she found other lorgnettes, not quite as beautiful, which she purchased. In a few years she had acquired over thirty antique lorgnettes. Her life changed and she is now a celebrity which gives her ample opportunities to wear her lorgnettes on many high profile occasions.

She says, ‘They have the wow factor’. She can always turn heads when she flicks open an antique lorgnette in her favorite restaurant. She enjoys her antique collection and even after all these years she still searches the antique stores for French antiques and that elusive antique lorgnette she saw on The Antiques Roadshow. She was touched with the angel dust of collecting and it energized her life and made her work harder to afford those beautiful lorgnettes. She knows antique dealers all over the world and is familiar with every antique store in all the major cities. Her lorgnettes are her passion and life is her passion. She shall remain nameless because her name is so unusual that if I used her first name, then her private passion would no longer be hers to treasure. She still watches The Antique Roadshow with excitement just in case that special antique lorgnette reappears and while she watches she always wears a lorgnette which she twirls in her fingers dreaming her dream of finding that special one.

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My name is Patrick, I have collected and traded in antiques and collectibles all over the world since the early 1970's. I like to find nice things for nice people. In these articles I will share with you my insights into many aspects of dealing and collecting antiques and related with antique stores. I will share with you my passion and introduce you to a world of dreams and dreamers.

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