Astrological Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Jewelry

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    Sep 26, 2013
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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Jewelry Photo by Shivangi Gupta

The yellow sapphire stone is known to endow the wearer and family with immense good luck and health. Semi precious stones have been worn by people since centuries together to ward of the evil eye and procure positive outcomes and an active mind!

Yellow and blue sapphires are popular gemstones being sold in the Indian market. The yellow sapphire or pukhraj as it is popularly known is known to serve as a medium to bring well being and excellent immunity to self employed people. The yellow sapphire ring when worn, assures fulfilling and lifelong relationships in personal as well as profession life of the wearer. The pukhraj should always be set in gold. Apart from this, the yellow sapphire-gold package when worn as a any type of jewellery looks stunning, with the glittering yellow rays of the pukhraj blending into the colour of gold.  These beautiful rings can be worn in thin or thick bands as per preference.

The stone yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone is said to benefit people who fall ill very often. Such people benefit from the pukhraj touching their skin and slowly develop an iron-solid immune system. This stone particularly suits people who are their own bosses and are not employed by anyone else. Wearing a yellow sapphire makes people happier in personal and professional spheres of life and blesses the person with fuller relationships.

Such stones adapt well to the personal taste of the wearer as well as their lifestyle. The precious gemstones can make a bold or subtle style statement too! Convenience is the main advantage when the buyer opts to buy precious stones, semi precious stones or gemstones online as he can inspect and customise them as per their taste. Gemstones worn on a continuous basis leads to high dynamism and better living conditions. These stones can be worn as part of jewellery like a ring, bracelet or a pendant or neck piece or even bought loose. Whichever the form, it assures optimistic results.

A yellow sapphire is especially beneficial for girls looking for a suitable alliance as the stone removes delays in marriage for unmarried girls. The stone also brings love and passion in the new marriage and the wearer is known to be blessed with children without any problems in conception. This stone also helps people who are not able to carry their babies full term. This stone is also excessively bought as an engagement ring/ wedding ring in many cities across India. After all this stone symbolises marital and sexual bliss.

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