The Quality Standard in Affordable Seiko Automatic Watches

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    Apr 07, 2014
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The Quality Standard in Affordable Seiko Automatic Watches Photo by Jasson C

Seiko brand of watches are known for their quality standard which the company works hard to maintain. Combining innovative technology with style, Seiko watches are attractive but well within reach of the common man. Whether you are a business man, sports person or socialite, Seiko automatic watches suit every lifestyle.

Being pioneers in automatic movement, the company produces a wide range of Seiko Automatic watches. Movement refers to the interior mechanism or engine of the watch that drives its timekeeping function. There are three types of watch movements namely, mechanical movement, automatic movements and quartz movement. Mechanical watches require the crown be rotated to wind the spring. The gradually unwinding spring releases the energy required to run the watch.

Seiko automatic watches use an automatic movement where the spring is wound by the energy created by the motion of the wearer's wrist. Seiko also makes a range of watches with quartz movement which are powered by a battery. However, since automatic watches do not use batteries, they are eco friendly and maintenance free, hence very popular.

Seiko automatic watches are a complex piece of engineering. All the parts and watch movements including minor items like lubrication oil and luminous compounds are manufactured in-house and therefore the company is able to maintain the quality standard that the watch brand is associated with.

The very affordable Seiko automatic watches have the ability to store power for up to 75 hours which means you need not wear the watch every day nor do you need to manually wind the crown. With the complex mechanism being used in Seiko automatic watches one would think these quality timepieces are expensive. Far from it – as a matter of fact, affordability is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Seiko Automatic Watches.

Affordable Seiko alarm chronograph watches is a perfect balance in elegance and functionality. This is an everyday watch that has a classic style, clear dial and neat look. It is water resistant to an extent, meaning minor water splashes are not a problem but you can't wear it while swimming.

Seiko also makes a range of Seiko alarm chronograph watch. While these may not have the features you'd find in a high end professional diver's watch, they are water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters and offer a few other useful elements that you'd expect in a standard diver's watch.

High end Seiko Automatic watches are also within an affordable price range. In fact, Seiko's Sportura and Velatura range of automatic watches are upscale models that make for classy and fashionable accessories. And, they are not too expensive considering the quality standard and features they offer. Indeed, affordable Seiko Automatic Watches are great value for money.

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