Importance Of Gold And Gold Jewellery

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    Nov 08, 2013
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Importance Of Gold And Gold Jewellery Photo by Ashish  Kaith

Gold, a precious and rare metal, has diverse significance in people's life. All across the globe, gold holds a different value for different cultures. Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity; it ties a lifetime bond between two people. It saves people during the times of financial crises, and also increases a person's status within the society. Gold is given the shape of a gold set , with necklace, gold rings, gold earrings, etc., to enhance the beauty of the wearer. Let us have a quick look at what gold means to people in different places, around the globe. 

In Egypt:
Egyptians believed that gold was the flesh of Sun God, Ra. Hence, it was highly priced by the ancient Egyptians, and the Queens and Pharaohs had vast stores of gold. The Egyptians saw gold as the symbol of eternal life. Not just in modern times, but gold had great importance during ancient times as well.

In Ancient Rome:
Gold was very popular in the Roman era. It attracted many talented artisans, when the growth and expansion of the cities and cultures were observed. These artisans created a wide range of jewellery like rings, pendants, earrings, etc., and displayed them in their jewellery stores. It is said that the use of a ring to symbolize an engagement, initially started in Rome.

In Asia:
Dated back to 1100 BC, China made extensive use of Gold. Various items of jewellery had pieces of gold, which was the outcome of the gold craft. China took along the gold craft to Korea, when the settlers moved there in 210 BC. In some of the other Asian countries with a large population following Buddhism, archeologists have discovered ancient relics of gold, of religious significance.
A Diamond necklace made with a gold base was very common amongst the royal families in India. It was a symbol of wealth, prosperity and royalty. The designs were mainly inspired from the Mughal designs, a tradition still used in modern times.

In Central America:
The ancient central American tribes offered gold to their Gods, by throwing the precious metal in sacred lakes and river.

In Africa:
Gold was used on a large scale in the African culture. It was mostly used to enhance the beauty of the courts, owned by chiefs and leaders. Many countries in Africa had arranged for special workshops, used exclusively for the production of gold artifacts. 

This proves that gold and gold jewellery has always been important to us, ever since ancient times, and will continue to be important for generations to come.


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