Avoiding Damage to your Gemstone Beads Jewelry

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    Jun 24, 2013
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Lapis, Onyx, and Silver
Lapis, Onyx, and Silver
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When creating your own jewelry there are times when they will suddenly break or your beads will crack. This is quite common, especially in gemstone beads. In cases where you would like to sell your creations, it is important that there are no cracks, or damages or you would end up with not only one disappointed customer. Here are some tips when it comes to preparing your bead accessories and making sure that they are ready for selling.

Prevention is the Best Solution

Most of the time, damages happen because there is improper handling of newly made products or they are not made with the highest quality materials which is why they end up brittle and broken even before they get sold. The best way to avoid damaged products, refunds and irate customers is to simply prevent all of these from happening. You have to make sure that all your gemstone beads are legitimate and that you don’t end up buying second grade beads that crack. More importantly, the tools and jewelry making supplies that you use should always be of the best quality. Investing in good materials will go a long way.

Regular inspection of unsold items is also a must. Every now and then try to check your products if there are any cracks; it is always better that you discover the damages first before the customer does. Ensuring that all your items are in good shape will prevent bigger headaches in the future.

Keep them in a Moisture Free Area

When jewelry is not worn for a long time and is kept in moisture rich containers, this spells disaster for your bracelets and necklaces. When bead jewelry is unused for a long period of time it can get brittle and break easily; some tarnishes over a period of time and lose their luster and shine. Anti tarnish strips can help absorb harmful oxidants that remove the color and tarnish your jewelry. For a moisture free container, you can simply cover your jewelry with cloth or buy silicone packets to absorb the moisture inside the containers.

When it comes to selling your creations, the work does not end once you finish a piece, it goes on until a buyer decides to purchase it from you, and within that period you have to make sure that your creations do not lose it shine.

Clean your Jewelry

Once in a while, it would be a great idea to wash your jewelry to keep it looking good. One important thing to remember is that you have to use warm water to clean your jewelry. Some cleaning fluids might cause a reaction and damage your gemstone beads.

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