How to buy Paid Apps from Google Play Store

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    Dec 23, 2013
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How to buy Paid Apps from Google Play Store Photo by Smith K Dekker

Luckily most of the Android apps we come across are free to download but some of them which we admire are available with a price tag. Definitely these applications are found to be better than the free ones, as they are superior in development and almost all of them are free of the annoying ads which are seen on the phone’s screen. Google is a simple platform to use and the application buying procedure is also very simple. But for the users who are new to Android world might find it a bit tricky to buy from Google Play Store.

The first action which has to be performed is to lay down up your Google Wallet. It’s a service where you sync our credit card information with your G-account. You can set the wallet whenever you start using your smartphone or whenever you are ready to purchase an app. In the both the conditions, configuring the G-wallet account in your smartphone involves exactly similar steps. You can also use a debit card if you don’t have a credit card.

Once your mobile is all set for G-Wallet, you will see a new page which will be called ‘Entertainment’ will appear on your screen. Click on ‘Set up Credit Card’ and you can set up your bank and account info in a similar way as if you were paying for an online good.
If you have overlooked this step earlier then also it’s fine. You can simply add the payment method of your choice in the play store when you click on the green colored price tag after you’ve selected a paid app to buy. Keep on entering your info by tapping. Your Card will be registered once and you make all your play store purchases through this.

Once you have set up this account, you can buy not only just the hot picks of ht Android news ( but also games, music, movies and books, without the need of adding information again and again. When you make purchases, you will receive confirmation through emails and SMS with the transaction and email details.

It’s a fact that 97% of the users prefer free downloads but some application are a must for your smartphone irrespective of their price. One of the popular apps which have been discussed is ‘Anomo’. The latest Android news( ) published about it says that, “A new public networking app ‘Anomo’ for both Google OS and iOS that lets people stay anonymous till they feel comfortable with friends to share their private details pictures or other credentials to them.” It means that now users will be able to protect their private information easily.

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