Effects of Latest Technology on Fresh Brains

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    May 22, 2013
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Since new technologies are being released every day it seems we are spending more and more time at our computers each day. Although I think few people could argue that the advancements in technology are not a good thing, there is a very serious downside to it all. And that is, our health. Also, prolonged sitting can cause neck problems, knee pain, poor posture, muscle weakness, slowed metabolism, aches and pains and depression. New science can change subconscious programming quickly, contrary to popular belief it doesn’t take years to change, it can happen in a matter of hours. What I am about to share in this life changing, to boost the power of the mind, and to achieve top performance.

To understand the new science we have to realize that each person has two minds, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind belongs to you, but your subconscious belongs to society, family, schools, and anyone who had a hand in molding your programming as a child. The subconscious mind receives images, information, whether good or bad, and records it and implant the new information permanently in the subconscious. This is done while you’re sleeping and suddenly you’re a different person than you were the night before. Why? The new information that been programmed to change your belief and the way you think, and you can’t erase it. You are continuously evolving with new information, and the recordings play back over and over again.
As we all know that today is the age of digital revolution, age of “INTERNET”, which is a vast global network connecting people and information. Internet connects us worldwide. The world is as far as your hand from computer. You click on it and the world is opened for you just in the couple of seconds.

People get anything they want through the wide usage of internet. Things are now easily available and getting inexpensive. Internet is source of better and competitive education, serves as shopping plaza where we get everything of our need, source of sending the important messages, serves as a library etc. In short usages as well as benefits of internet are unlimited. Every type of information can be easily accessed through internet.From the starting of 21st century, science has just kept the step towards establishment and this is under process till today. Science just moving on towards betterment and it becomes it nature not to look back in this race of forwardness. Daily we find something new in our newspapers and become astonished to know about the new inventions or technologies in the field of science. And definitely we can see the impact of technologies among our youth. We can see the latest cell phones, tablets, playbooks, notebooks, laptops and etc. etc. in the hands of our youngsters. It becomes fashion to keep latest model of such things. But there are also some drawbacks of internet too, that our youngsters spend their lots of time on internet using Facebook, twitter and on many other things which produce negative impact on it.

In the era of 80s and 90s, the technologies were so limited, everything was not on finger tips as it is today, but at that time, vulgarity was not so common. Somehow, moral values matter for the one. But now a day, thanks to technologies, no one knows the actual code of ethics of our society. We follow what we watch in television either it is about society, culture or even religion. We used to get benefits of technologies in our limitations, only elder one of the families were allowed to use cell phones, computers and televisions. But now, parents feel proud to buy personal cell phones, laptops and other things to their children and obviously no check and balance. That is the reason that our society moves downwards.

Technology obviously is for the betterment and improvement for the society. It was impossible for everyone to contact easily with those who lived in abroad, but now, not only we can contact but also we can see the person easily. It was very expensive for everyone to make a call even in the country, but now we can easily make a call to our loved ones either in or out of the country in very low call rates. Technology is making amendments in itself day by day. It has been saying in Journalism that yesterday’s newspaper is not newspaper but just the piece of paper, somehow we can also apply this in the field of technology that anything which is now is new, remaining is just going to be the part of history.

The future of technology is not so dark obviously in fact it is bright, daily inventions of new things and daily amendments in these inventions shows that world is now in our tip of the finger. We can get knowledge of anything just in one touch. But it depends on the person; either takes this opportunity in positive way or just uses these technologies to destroy ourselves.

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