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    Oct 10, 2012
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A good way to keep your inbox uncluttered is to manage your incoming emails. You cannot do that without first creating folders to move your emails to once you are done with them. In addition, try to use formatting to help you determine at a quick glance the different senders or group of senders you are receiving from.

For example, all incoming email from my boss is red. Whenever I see red, it means I have to leave everything and attend to that. All my personal acquaintances are in violet. Whenever I receive a violet email I move to a folder called "Read Later". You can also choose a different font type for every sender and a different font size. I also use the quick steps to move my emails to a folder called "Filing". At the end of every week, I clear this folder by moving the emails to their corresponding folders.

I bought a very nice tool called Auto Bcc. This way I make sure that I get a blind copy of every email I send out. Although this will increase the volume of my incoming email, however, sending a blind copy to myself will remind me that I have replied to this email. This is helpful especially when I reply from my iPhone so my email cannot be found in the sent items; the Bcc will come very handy.

I use the calendar not just for meetings. In fact I write down every single thing I think of on my calendar. Every single task I need to attend to, I add it to the calendar. It doesn’t matter the date because I keep dragging it as long as it's not urgent to do it. I also use the calendar to set recurrent meetings and use a different color for every recurrent task or meeting I add.

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