Relax, Unwind: Venetian blinds for Chill-Out Spaces

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    Nov 26, 2013
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Relax, Unwind: Venetian blinds for Chill-Out Spaces Photo by Eva Noble

A really relaxing room needs to have windows to let in some light, but the windows need to allow for maximum control over how much light gets in, and who can see inside. Curtains are too formal, they’re expensive and hard to maintain.

The best solution for a relaxing room is Venetian blinds, which are just a series of horizontal slats stacked and strung together. Venetian blinds come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials, from the cheapest to the most expensive. They are infinitely adjustable to ensure that you can achieve the perfect amount of light exposure to suit your mood.

Although they are less formal than drapes, depending on your tastes, Venetian blinds can be suitable for any room in the house. Since the 1970s, they have become an increasingly popular decorating choice in any number of settings.

You can most likely buy the cheapest Venetian blinds at the local hardware or discount store and install them yourself. Be sure to measure the window first so you get the correct size. They usually come with brackets that you screw into the window frame, then suspend the top bar of the blinds between the brackets.

But, if you don’t feel that intrepid, or feel you lack either the skills or the tools to install your own Venetian blinds, you may have a professional install them for you.

Venetian blinds usually have a rod attached to one side that twists in either direction to adjust the tilt of the individual blinds, which is what controls the amount of light coming in and visibility going out. When tilted all the way in one direction or the other, they can achieve almost total exclusion of external light and certainly keep anyone from seeing in.

Additionally, most blinds will have a string or line on one side that will allow you to raise all of the blinds at once, when the user wants in effect to remove the blinds from the window without actually taking them down. Others have a single piece of material hung by two loops that only roll up or down, but do not adjust incrementally.

One major problem with Venetian blinds is that they tend to accumulate dust. Another option is vertical blinds, which tend not to accumulate dust and are usually easier to open, requiring less strength.  Instead of tilting up or down, like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds tilt from side to side. They open completely to one side of the door or window.

There are also solid blinds, consisting of a single piece of rolling fabric that one can roll up or down depending on need, or accordion blinds, which are similar to rolling blinds, but are folded into an accordion shape instead.

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Venetian blinds are the perfect solution for a chilled out space within any home as they allow the user to moderate how much light gets in. This article looks at how this is done in more detail.

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