Silent Generators - What These Are and Who Needs Them

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    Jun 17, 2014
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Silent Generators - What These Are and Who Needs Them Photo by Colin Armstrong

Generators are essential in many commercial environments and their performance ensures businesses across the world are able to carry out applications successfully. While millions of people heavily rely upon these daily, it is fair to say that generators are not the most graceful of machines – they are usually ugly and they are always noisy.

They more energy increases and the larger engines get, the greater the noise output of generators tends to be. However, not all these machines are grunting beasts; in fact, some are actually quite pleasant to be around – these are known as the silent generators.

Silent Generators

Just to make things clear from the outset – no generator is 100% silent. However, by employing special materials and designs to keep noise to a minimum, manufacturers have been able to come up with solutions quiet enough to warrant the name ‘silent generators’.

Silent electric generators use a range of techniques to refrain from giving you a headache. These differ depending on the make and model, but include exhaust mufflers and enclosed exhaust silencers, sound-absorbing materials, and constant engine speeds.

Who Needs a Silent Generator?

Silent generators are something we would all like to benefit from, but, in truth, these are only really needed in certain circumstances. If you are not working close enough to a generator to hear it and no else is going to be bothered by its noise, you are probably not going to care too much about how loudly it runs.

The most obvious need for silent generators is in residential areas where noise pollution is a major problem. No one wants to hear a lawnmower-like sound 24/7 and a standard generator in a built up area is likely to result in a few complaints from neighbours. Hire a machine that is no louder than an extractor fan, however, and everyone’s happy. Shops, banks, food establishments and any other customer-serving businesses will rely greatly on the silent operation of a generator in the event of a power outage.

Enclosed working environments, like those encountered in marine applications, could also benefit greatly from the more pleasant operation of silent generators.

If your business requires the use of generators, without the excess noise, visit our site today and see how we can help provide you with a silent power source.

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