Protecting Your Heating Oil: Preventing Heating Oil From Being Stolen by Thieves

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    Aug 30, 2014
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Protecting Your Heating Oil: Preventing Heating Oil From Being Stolen by Thieves Photo by Andrew Higgins

Oil is a valuable commodity, and sadly, this is a fact that thieves have not failed to notice. It’s not uncommon to hear about situations of domestic heating oil theft; and it would seem, unsurprisingly, that thieves are particularly targeting sizeable tanks; which can, when filled to capacity, hold hundreds of pounds worth of oil inside them.
As a result, if you use heating oil to fuel your boiler, it’s imperative to take certain security measures to ensure that your valuable supply doesn’t get stolen.
Protecting your heating oil supply: Top tips to deter oil thieves
Here are just a few suggestions as to how you can keep your heating oil supply safe from thieves.
1. Don’t place your tank in an obvious position. If you have a choice about where your tank is positioned, make sure that it is placed somewhere as inconspicuous as possible. Alternatively, place it in a position where it can be seen clearly from one of your windows, which may act as a deterrent for opportunistic thieves.
2. Install locks. At the very least, it’s a good idea to install a lock on your tank filler cap. If your tank is positioned in an outbuilding, make sure that the building is also fitted with a sturdy lock.
3. Consider installing CCTV. If you store a considerable amount of heating oil on your premises, consider investing in a CCTV system to keep an eye on your supply. If not, invest in a fake CCTV camera somewhere prominent, which may serve to act as a useful deterrent.
4. Don’t advertise your supply. If possible, plant trees or bushes to conceal your tank (preferably spiky-leafed ones, which may act as a further deterrent!) and don’t leave empty oil drums or containers on display.
5. Keep tabs on your oil. It makes sense to check your oil supply regularly. If you notice a sudden suspicious drop in oil levels, then this should set alarm bells ringing. If you want a really accurate idea of oil levels, install an oil level gauge, which will actively alert you if there is a sudden drop.
6. Protect fuel hoses. Cover fuel hoses with a hard protective case, which thieves will find difficult to break into.
7. Get a motion detection sensor fitted. Investing in a motion detection sensor, which turns on a light when movement is detected, acts as a highly powerful deterrent to thieves.
Looking for extra advice on keeping your heating oil safe? Talk to us!
If you want extra advice on how to keep your valuable heating oil safe, then get in touch with us by calling 0905 88 90 100. With the right preventative measures in place, you’re far less likely to find yourself a victim of heating oil theft.

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