Humanities Charities - Why Their Role in Society is So Important?

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    Mar 17, 2013
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To preserve art and music is to reserve our history the humanities charities are doing just that; for decades our society has enjoyed the melodies from famous composers such as Amadeus, Beethoven, and many more.  To down play the makings of music and art would be a shame.  Where would our society be today if it were not for past musicians and artists?

The Academy of American Poets quickly recognized this and formed an academy that would keep our poetic history a live.  At the academy an individual has the opportunity to explore the wonders of all types of written poetry; to create their own based on what they have been exposed to.

From donations and fundraisers the Academy is in a position to offer many grants to individuals that want to explore the beautiful world of poetry.  To thank those for their donation(s); the academy puts together a poetry reading event where the artists are allowed to show off their writing abilities to the public. To a poet there is no greater accomplishment than the presenting of their piece to love ones, friends, and strangers for the first time.

Dreaming to be the best at something is the ambition of everyone; to dance among the stars is a dream to many, some make it and some don’t.  The Alvin Alley Dance Foundation wants to make the dream of dancing available to all those individuals who dare to dream.   By placing an assortment of various dance style in the school, a student is given the opportunity to see and understand how dance has helped to form our current society.

Through donations, fundraisers, grants and volunteer help, the foundation has the ability to keep the dream alive for many.  The overwhelming support and encouragement to students’, facility and affiliates makes it easy to show pride in a wonderful foundation.  

Soft string melody, loud beats from a kettle drum and strong horn sounds, brought together on a half dome shaped building is the image that we all have when we think of an orchestra.  The Boston Symphony Orchestra is more than able to give that image and sound in real time. To be a performer in an orchestra takes dedication and hard work; it is not simply enough to be able to play you must also have a love for music.

With one hundred members in this orchestra, one has to be among the top to be permitted to play their instrument in such a talented ensemble.  Having that many performers, there is an enormous over head to carry; through the use of donations is one way that The Boston Symphony Orchestra is able to handle the overhead cost.  Their fundraising is done through the selling of seats to hear them perform; depending on the arrangement also known as sets, determines how much a ticket will cost. To hear them play is well worth the expense.

Having the ability to be a part of any one of these wonderful organizations is an honor; but putting your best foot forward and donating to one of them, makes you an honorary member of the continuing success of these foundations and our society.

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