Charities That Are Trying To Save The Environment

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    Mar 17, 2013
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Deforestation in Ecuador
Deforestation in Ecuador
Photo by A.Davey

With all the current apprehension about the deteriorating environment, the public wants to see their donations being put to good use. If you wish to assure yourself that the money you have provided to an environmental charity has been utilized to the fullest here are the names three biggest environmental charities that guarantee the best use of every cent.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
The World Wildlife Fund is one of the most renowned organizations that stand for the safeguard of threatened species and their environments everywhere in the world. They have been working to save environment and its habitats for over 45 years and their aim is to preserve 19 of the world’s most significant natural habitats. Their emphasis is on numerous movements to ensure that they are assembling a mammoth influence that can truly make difference. Most famous projects under the WWF are to help lions and snow leopards and saving the forests.

Greenpeace International
Greenpeace has been fighting for the preservation and forestation for long time, the charity has been active since 1971. They pride themselves on their technique of “bearing witness”  to ecological delinquencies in a peaceful fashion, and although some individuals find them exasperating, they have caused a lot of worthy changes around the globe. They are easily spotted in areas where earth crimes are being committed. They back ocean protection, climate change deterrence, forest conservation, and the safeguard of rare species.

National Geographic Society
It is through their programs and TV specials that the masses have come to value nature and its habitants. It is through their efforts we have appreciated the ecosphere in many diverse façades, and comprehended the significance of saving Earth. The society itself is ancient; it was founded in 1888. Their emphasis is on investigation and preservation of forests, water bodies, natural habitats and endangered species. National Geographic has a resilient foundation in history – they pride their society on search, research and study of old cultures and civilizations.

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