The UK's 3 Biggest Charities

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    Mar 22, 2013
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The British Flag
The British Flag
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The British are very generous in their donations to charities.  Millions of pounds of donations are made each year to charitable organizations and causes across the UK.  The three largest of these charities are The Gavi Fund Affiliate, The Arts Council of England, and Cancer Research UK.  They may not all be as easily recognized as some other charities, but these three are the 3 biggest UK charities ranked by donations.

The Gavi Fund Affiliate is actually a group that oversees major international bodies that strive to provide immunizations and children in some of the poorest parts of the world.  With donations of over £519,000,000 they are the largest in the country.  The Gavi Alliance works to save the lives of children through vaccination and prevention of disease in countries such as India, Nigeria, and Afghanistan.  They pull together resources from organizations such as The World Health Organization and UNICEF to promote the health and wellness of children around the globe.

The Arts Council of England raises almost £453,000,000 in 2012.  The Council supports activities across the UK that help develop the arts and culture across the country.  The organization supports not only museums and artists, but also libraries and theatres.  They provide funding to individuals and organizations that help develop the arts and culture in the UK.  Like many other charities, they receive a portion of their donations from the National Lottery.

The third largest UK charity is one of the best known charities in the UK.  Cancer Research UK received over £362,700,000 in donations last year.  This organization is the nation's leading cancer charity and aims to save lives through preventing and curing cancer.  They promote awareness of the need for early detection and offer support for those battling the disease.  They fund millions of pounds worth of research every year in order to try and find a cure for various cancers and also help develop more effective treatments for the disease.

These three charities are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to organized giving in the UK.  There are many worthy causes battling for fewer donations, since many individuals have been unable to give as much money in the last few years as they have previously.  Still, it seems that the generous people of the UK are giving what they can in order to make a difference.

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