Services That You Get in Kolkata Boutique Hotels

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    Oct 12, 2013
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Services That You Get in Kolkata Boutique Hotels Photo by Pradeep Babbar

From 1980’s, the concept of boutique hotels have taken over the whole wide world. And, Kolkata isn’t any different. Being a popular tourism destination, this city is known for its wide range of boutique hotels that offer a wide range of services along with amenities that corresponds to facilities and amenities available world over at boutique hotels. Kolkata boutique hotels are known for their city design and their appearance in the main city and heart of Kolkata, which makes them an even better option for those who seek to experience this luxury accommodation in Kolkata.

Kolkata boutique hotels are quite popular among tourists from all over the world as some of these hotels are also design hotels. They capture the essence of the city and take in its depth along with their interior decor and design which gives them an edge over the others and at the same time ensure that customers have something or the other enticing them all the time. Luxury is another name for these kinds of accommodation in Kolkata as the help clients and tourists to indulge in sheer opulence, whether it is in form of warm and friendly services or in the form of technology, such as light and sound shows, pubs bars or discotheques.

There are a wide range of services that tourists can expect from Kolkata boutique hotels. For instance, these kinds of accommodation in Kolkata are known for providing services that will soothe your mind and soul including options for spas, saunas, personal trainers and gym that will make your body feel healthier, de-stressed and revitalized than before. These hotels are invigorating in the sense that such wellness centres and services aren’t just provided as the part of hotel package, but are given in a professional manner, ensuring that masseurs are trained in the branch of massage therapy that they are offering the client.

Apart from this, technology is an essential part of these hotels in Kolkata. For instance, a typical room for tourist will be laced with technological services such as large flat screen televisions, high speed internet, computers, DVD players and other options. Travellers will also have access to mini bar and fully equipped contemporary style bathroom that will be a stress reliever on its own. Plus, as an icing on cake, clients can expect their rooms to be more spacious which gives them an opportunity to live in a more luxurious manner.

These and several other services can be expected from good boutique hotels in the city of Kolkata. To choose these hotels, you can opt for online bookings and even get deals, discounts and personalized packages that take care of your requirements and needs. So, start planning your trip now.

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