Hotels In Kolkata India Blend Old-World Charm With Modern Comfort

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    Aug 11, 2014
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Hotels In Kolkata India Blend Old-World Charm With Modern Comfort Photo by Pradeep Babbar

The City of Joy or The City of Palaces- Kolkata is known by its varied names and incredible hues. Whether that is the color of Goddess Durga’s edifice staring at you from every nook and corner during Durga Puja, the amazing colors of the sweets and savories seen almost everywhere or the shades of vintage monuments and palaces; the city offers lots of avenues to explore. In addition to the tangible beauty, the city also proffers insight to the tremendously rich culture of India with it being the birthplace of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and also the first newspaper of India, Hicky's Bengal Gazette.

However, while its accomplishments and abundance of tourist spots are noteworthy, so is its standing as the commercial capital of East India. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly River, the city features eminent global IT companies and multiple prosperous corporate houses and also is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. Thus, the galore of business and leisure opportunities combined has made Kolkata a popular destination visited regularly and in equal numbers by domestic as well as international travelers. These large numbers of travelers visiting the city, however, find no dearth of accommodation options as there are innumerable hotels in Kolkata India.

From classy boutique hotels to luxury resorts, the type of accommodation in Kolkata is as diverse as the needs of its assorted visitors. Notwithstanding the type, each of these hotels blend the old world charm of the city with contemporary luxuries and provides a par excellence experience to its residents. Thus, these hotels in Kolkata are fitted with different kinds of rooms, world-class facilities that befit the needs of business as well as leisure travelers and also multitude of dining options that aptly justify people’s love for good food in this part of India.

Though hotels in Kolkata India are scattered in different parts of the city, none of them are as high in demand as are the hotels near Park Street Kolkata. Park Street is a famous thoroughfare in the city that is also known by its recently coined name, Mother Teresa Sarani, given by Kolkata Municipal Corporation in honor of Mother Teresa. Park Street has been the centre of recreational activities since British era and boasts of swanky showrooms, several notable buildings and glitzy nightclubs. Hence, a slew of boutique hotels as well as resorts are seen operating successfully in this area. Thus, embark on a joyride in The City of Joy, marvel at its stupendous national heritage, get awestruck by the serene Hooghly River and when exhausted, kick off your heels and rest in one of the many hotels in Kolkata. Whether you are looking for an extravagant or a budget accommodation, these hotels will surely suit your taste and pocket.

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