Tips for Manali Trip in Winter

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    Dec 24, 2012
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There is no doubt that it will be a breathtaking experience if you are planning for a trip to Manali,especially during winter. The entire valley will be wrapped in a snow blanket and also it's a splendid time for all your family members to be in Manali to witness the spectacular natural beauty.

And for your information as the festivals of Dashehra, Diwali and marriage season in the valley concludes it is time for snow fall and the entire region is snow-clad, with winter creeping in from October and halting almost until February. One important suggestion for vacationers who are making a trip to this hill station in winter it would be ideal for them to make bookings in any of the five star hotels in Manali or even the five star resorts in Manali will be just be perfect because you will have excellent room that are well-equipped with various facilities/amenities that would make up for a comfortable and most enjoyable holiday experience.

Travelling to Manali is sure a lot of fun, but you need to check out the following tips to make your travel a really wonderful experience, more so when you are travelling in winter. Following are some tips to make the cold winters so much warm

  • One important reason to book your accommodation in any of the five star hotels in Manali is because these rooms will offer room-heaters that will keep you warm especially if you are not so cold-resistant. For that matter even some of the five star resorts in Manali provide fireplace that will keep the room warm and cosy.
  • Pack heavy woollen clothing that should include sweaters, gloves, mufflers, woollen socks, caps and even your thermal wear will help you beat the spine chilling weather.
  • Also carry your leather jackets and leather boots if you wish to play in the snow.
  • The temperatures might fall below -5°C especially in October, November, December and January. Thus, people who have not experienced harsh winter weather conditions before should have to be carefully come prepared carrying all the necessary thermal wear, winter allergy related medications along and take needed precautions as well.
  • Also, do not forget to indulge in various fun-filled adventurous activities such as water and river sports, heli-skiing, rock climbing, mountain cycling, paragliding, skiing, and ice skating etc., during your stay in Manali.

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