Your Guide to Cuisine in Vegetarian Restaurants in Kolkata

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    Oct 22, 2013
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Your Guide to Cuisine in Vegetarian Restaurants in Kolkata Photo by Pradeep Babbar

The food items that immediately come to your mind when you think of Kolkata are none other then ‘Fish’ and ‘Sweets.’ But every year, thousands of vegetarians travel to the city for vacation or other purposes. If you are a vegetarian and think that the city doesn’t have good local vegetarian restaurants, then you are absolutely wrong. In fact, there are several vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata that offer you a variety of Indian and International cuisines with mouth watering delectable delights that will surely soothe the palate of an epicurean, whether vegetarian or non vegetarian.

The best part about Kolkata hotels is that most of them have fine dining vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata and the best ones among those hotels offer an amalgamation of a variety of cuisines along with rich and indigenous Indian spices that will surely give a kick to your taste buds. The cuisine in vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata comprises of a selected range of savouries and sweets. Mostly, entrees include mixtures of recipes such as ‘pakoras’ made from potato, onion or cauliflower, consisting of vegetable balls fried with a mixture of gram flour batter along with other items such as buttermilk, lemonade or onion rings and French fries. The mains have a mixture of popular vegetables such as potato curry with peas or potato curry with soya bean, along with options like pulses, rajma and chana, which are widely eaten in India. These are prepared with rigorous preparation. For instance, items like Dal Makhani are slow cooked for a long time before they can be served to the customer. Similarly, items like naan or Indian style bread are served after being prepared in Tandoor with these main dishes.

Sweet dishes contain the popular ‘Mishti Doi,’ which is Bengali style curd sweetened in an earthen pot with ‘gur.’ Several other varieties and delicacies are available, including mix vegetable, carrot pudding or ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ or other Bengali sweets that are prepared with a mixture of slow cooked milk and other raw materials such as Indian cheese and saffron.

Kolkata hotels are known for offering these delicacies in fine dining manner. Therefore, if you are planning to bring a client to one of the good vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata, then you can expect a special serving from heart warming staff.

Therefore, it isn’t wrong to say that food served in Kolkata is rich, delightful and tasty. The city has a variety of vegetarian Kolkata hotels and restaurants that would delight and give pleasure to any food lover. So, don’t hesitate in planning your trip for the city for you never know what kind of mouth watering, finger licking delicacies are waiting for you.

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