What Are Boutique Hotels in Kolkata?

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    Oct 07, 2013
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What Are Boutique Hotels in Kolkata? Photo by Pradeep Babbar

One of the tourist friendly destinations of India, Kolkata is most popular for its blend of Indian and European culture. It depicts the strong influence of British on India and at the same time, showcases the popular Bengali culture and its kaleidoscopic features along with bright hues. The city of Kolkata is also famous for its large hotels. But if you want a specialized range of services in a unique environment, then boutique hotels in Kolkata is the most befitting option for you. Here is a small guide on what boutique hotels are.

Boutique hotels in Kolkata are one of the most prestigious range of hotels that provide state of the art amenities and full scale services. These hotels are designed in such a manner that they appear themed, stylish and even inspirational. For instance, such hotels may be one of those few destinations where you can find vegetarian hotels in Kolkata. Mostly, these boutique hotels in Kolkata aren’t located close to hustle bustle and commotion; therefore, you can find peace of mind along with soothing services and opulence worthy of indulgence when you visit these hotels.

If you thought that vegetarian hotels in Kolkata aren’t easily available, then you are wrong. Go to one of the best boutique hotels in Kolkata and you can easily find a vegetarian restaurant that will serve you delicacies cooked in a different kitchen than a regular non-vegetarian restaurant. That is the best part about vegetarian hotels in Kolkata which are present in boutique hotels in the city. These restaurants and hotels will turn a regular meal into upscale fine dining style, serving you the best international cuisine with vegetarian dishes that will soothe the palate of even a non-vegetarian.

And that’s not all! Boutique hotels in Kolkata also offer a wide range of services that will entice you, allure you instantly into indulgence. For instance, these hotels offer you spas and saunas with different types of massage therapies that can take away all the stresses of your life and make you feel refreshed and revitalized all over again. Even the room decor of these hotels will take your breath away, acquainting you with the true Bengali cultures besides providing you the opportunity to enjoy latest contemporary styles and comfort.

Boutique hotels in the city are vast, with greenery around them and have customizable services. So, whether you need a cab or a guided tour or wish to try vegetarian hotels in Kolkata, you can have them all. All you need to do is give the hotel a call and friendly staff will be ready to service you!

So, don’t wait! Enjoy the opulence of boutique hotels in the city now.

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