Reliving Your Childhood In The Hotels Near Hershey Park

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    Dec 12, 2012
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Hershey chocolates are something that nearly everyone enjoys as they are growing up. The television commercials and colorful candy wrappings lead to images of a magical place named Hershey where all of these candies are made. The great thing about those childhood visions is that they can come true anytime you want. Hershey Park in Hershey, PA is the place where the chocolate comes to life and fulfills all of those childhood dreams. The hotels near Hershey Park are filled with families with parents and children who have come to see what the magic looks like. If you want to get into one of the hotels around Hershey Park, then you need to plan early and book your room well in advance.

For the kids, staying in one of the hotels near Hershey Park gives them a chance to walk into a place where giant candy bars walk around greeting guests and some of the best amusement park rides in the country can be found. For the parents, staying in any of the hotels around Hershey Park allows them to satisfy their curiosity as to what the place called Hershey is really like. Hershey Park can be magical for adults and children alike.

The people who run Hershey Park know that their claim to fame is chocolate, and the park’s restaurants do not disappoint when it comes to offering foods based on chocolate. The kids who are staying with their families in the hotels near Hershey Park are just looking for chocolate and more chocolate. It does not need to be subtle and it does not need to be clever. But the kids staying in hotels around Hershey Park find that the park does make eating and discovering chocolate fun and even more entertaining than the kids could have ever imagined.

The adults that are lodging in hotels near Hershey Park will be surprised at the number of fine dining restaurants in and around the park that have a wide variety of chocolate-inspired dishes. If you are an adult staying in one of the hotels around Hershey Park, the chances are very good that you are eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner during your stay, and you may not have even realized it. When you go back home to the restaurants in your immediate area, you may find that the food never tastes quite as sweet as it did when you were visiting Hershey Park.

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