Why Electricity is the Future of Heating

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    Apr 16, 2014
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Why Electricity is the Future of Heating Photo by Colin Armstrong

If you pay attention to current affairs related to the environment and the various on-going debates on the subject of carbon emissions, you may have heard electricity being described as the 'future of heating'. With home energy bills across the board having gone up by roughly 30 per cent in the last six years, you may be wondering why it is electric heaters and boilers, and not traditional gas systems, that are being favoured.

Rising Energy Costs

With the rising cost of energy in the UK,it is important for everyone to look at the fuel that they are using and work out how best to use it in order to maximise heat produced.

Around 36 per cent of the UK's energy is used to heat space and water in buildings. This energy is produced using fossil fuels such as gas, coal, and oil. Britain's reliance on these fossil fuels means that it is exposed to the volatile prices on the global markets, particularly wholesale gas. With domestic reserves from the North Sea dwindling, the UK was required to import 43 per cent of its fossil fuels in 2012. With import prices directly affecting fuel bills, it is no surprise that there is a concerted effort to move away from fossil fuels.

UK Legislation

The UK government has said that it is committed to reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050. Low carbon energy is at the forefront of helping ministers achieve their aim, as can be seen from the billions of pounds of investment in solar, wind, hydro, and wave technologies in recent years – all of which are helping to produce electricity to be used to generate heat.

Using low carbon heating technologies, electricity can be produced in the UK and supplied at a consistent price. Greater production from renewable sources will reduce reliance on fossil fuels and will lessen the need for the importation of gas, coal, and oil – all of which are past peak levels in terms of proven reserves.

Benefits of Electric Heating

In addition to the concerted effort to lower carbon emissions and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, electric heaters and electric boilers supplied by electric-heatingsupplies.co.uk offer a number of great benefits to the consumer. These include:

1. use with existing heating systems with no need for additional pipework

2. no need for connection to the gas grid

3. operation as standalone heaters or complete system

4. electric heaters offer 100 per cent efficiency

5. no maintenance required

6. no risk of carbon monoxide (CO)

7. systems last 50 per cent longer than gas

8. full control over heating thanks to built-in thermostat controls.

If you are thinking about embracing the future now, visit our site and explore the products and systems that will transform the way you heat your property.

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