Air Cooled Chillers And Dehumidifiers For Your Needs, All Year Long

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    May 08, 2013
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Air Cooled Chillers And Dehumidifiers For Your Needs, All Year Long Photo by Aabher Ray

The thought of spending a Summer afternoon in India without the comfort of an air conditioner is unimaginable. Thus, it comes as no surprise to find companies developing ways to produce energy efficient and affordable air cooled chillers in India. Factors like consuming less energy and being lighter on the pockets compared to traditional cooling devices, makes chillers a preferable choice amongst industries and businesses. There is however, a difference in the functioning of an air conditioner and a chiller. While the compressor in an air conditioner cools the air, that of a chiller controls and cools the temperature of liquid components as well.

Air cooled chillers in India are commonly used in:

- The plastic industry to cool down the hot plastic. It is used to cool the plastic that is injected, stamped or blown out.
- The printing industry to eliminate the heat that the printing rollers generate. When the paper is ejected out of the ink drying machine, these chillers aid in its cooling.
- Inside the high powered electronic machines and diagnostic tools like PET and MRI. The source from where these machines derive its power and the lasers are cooled down by these chillers.

Another device which is used extensively to tackle humidity is a dehumidifier. Since the high level of moisture in the air can lead to several problems, dehumidifiers in India are commonly used. A humidity level of 50 percent is considered safe, which if exceeded can create unpleasant problems. One of these problems is the development of molds when there is not sufficient ventilation in the room. Thus the dehumidifier prevents the occurrence of molds by removing excess moisture from the air, protecting it from molds.

Wooden furniture is another thing which is affected by the high levels of humidity in the air. Since a major part of a household consists of wooden furniture, consumers are gaining awareness and utilizing dehumidifiers in India for a safer environment. Moist air serves as a surviving ground for bacteria and viruses, promoting allergies and infections, especially during summer. Apart from taking away the moisture from the air, dehumidifiers also kills the pathogens that are present in the air. These pathogens are responsible for causing nausea and headaches. Thus, purchasing a dehumidifier seems like a wise option.

Though dehumidifiers and chillers have distinct functions and are primarily used during summer, they were invented to serve a comfortable environment for the consumers. With enhanced awareness and better sensibilities amongst users, these devices are gaining popularity with every passing day.



Author's Profile Aabher Ray has a flair for analyzing changing trends across the world, the extensive use of dehumidifiers in India being one of the trends.

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