Important Safety Tips to Remember When Using Kerosene

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    Jan 30, 2013
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Kerosene is a hydrocarbon liquid which is used in the UK and Ireland as a heating fuel in areas which are too remote to be connected to the gas pipeline network. A kerosene heater can be a great way to keep your house warm and cosy and it can be very comforting to watch the flame of the heater as you snuggle up with a warm cup of tea. However, it is important to keep safety in mind when you are using this heating oil.

Using this type of oil as a central heating oil is absolutely safe, as long as you do it correctly. Here are a few important safety tips that you must keep in mind:

Watch Out for Carbon Monoxide

A kerosene heater will produce a small amount of carbon monoxide, just like an oil lamp, gas stove and candle will. The condition of the heater will affect how much carbon monoxide it produces. If your heater is getting old and is in ill repair, it could start releasing an unhealthy amount of carbon monoxide, which could be very dangerous to those in the house.

Another reason why your heater might be giving off too much carbon monoxide is that it might be designed for a larger room than it is in. It will be using too much oxygen and will burn less cleanly; emitting more carbon monoxide.

To avoid this, keep the heater well maintained and invest in a carbon monoxide detector for your home.

Keep Away from Anything Flammable

A heater will have a very high surface temperature, so it should be kept away from any combustible items such as drapes, furniture, paper and walls. Keep your heater in a place which will be far away from any fire hazards and be careful not to leave any flammable items too close.

Kerosene and Petrol

These two oils should never ever mix, as it could result in a very dangerous explosion. Take care to keep all petrol and kerosene separate and never store your kerosene in a container which was once used for petrol. Keep it in the appropriate domestic heating oil tanks, clearly marked and never indoors.

Children and Pets

The surface of the heater can sometimes become hot enough to cause burns, even with the protective cage over the top of it. If you have small children and pets, make sure that you put the heater in a place where they will be less likely to trip over it or run into it. Teach your children to be careful around the heater.

As long as you are aware of the right safety considerations, there will be no problem with using kerosene as a central heating oil for your home.

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