While Choosing A Bed Mattress In India, Check For Padding And Quilting

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    Jul 31, 2014
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While Choosing A Bed Mattress In India, Check For Padding And Quilting Photo by Siya Kumar

Choosing the perfect bed mattress in India can sometimes tend to be a tedious task. An individual has look into many things before choosing the right mattress. Mostly people prefer to look at end product qualities mattresses like how supportive and comfortable it is.

For people suffering for back aches and more, the main criterion is to check the outer covering and the quality of the mattress. It is absolutely fine, as most people live a fast paced and a tedious life in cities. So you can't blame them for checking the quality of the products as compared to the quantity of money they pay for it. You must make the most of your daily dose of sleep devoid of disturbance and joint pains. Other than these factors, the marketing messages, Television advertising, product promotions and features can make mattress shopping a big challenge. While stepping out to shop for these products, it is important for people to know about the physical compositions of mattresses. This would prepare them to ask important questions about the composition of the mattress.

A great author once told that looks can be deceptive, so one must not just blindly focus on the exterior of the product. One must accurately evaluate and compare different products to choose the best bed mattress in India. Some bedding stores also offer cutaway views for mattresses; this can help you in understanding and inspecting the quality in a better way. While inspecting the quality of this product, one must always check for the inner middle padding and quilting of the product.

Inner Middle Padding

The padding in a bed mattress in India is fixed just beneath the quilted top layer and is usually made with imported high quality foam. While inspecting the quality of the inner middle padding, one must make sure that inner level of the soft foam should feel kind of mushy and comfortable. The other thing one must inspect while choosing this product is that the foams should not recoil or spring back with force. The next surface is made up of cotton cover which is generally pretty thick, however the thickness can vary from different range and brands of these mattresses. The inner middle padding enhances the firmness in physical composition of the mattress.

Ticking and Quilting

Mattresses with a strong foundation and core constitute the best bed mattress in India. Many manufacturers pay extra attention to lay a strong foundation to the product as it takes the level of support and comfort to a whole new level. Foundations of these products are generally made up of metal frames with box springs. Ticking consists of polyester cotton in a premium quality and it forms the outer layer of the mattress. Next step is quilting; it attaches the ticking to the topmost layers of the padding. It you are looking for a comfortable and a durable mattress, you must always check these physical composition while buying it.

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