Is The Heating Oil Price Really On the Decline?

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    Nov 21, 2012
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For those customers who rely on domestic heating oil to keep their homes warm this winter, the news that the heating oil price has decreased is a welcome, especially with winter just around the corner.

The news couldn't have come at a better time as the nights grown considerably colder and homes start using their heating a lot more.

During the summer months, the heating oil prices don't really affect anyone as the warm days and pleasant evenings don't call for any heating. However, as the ice snap arrives on our doorstep, more people turn the dial on their domestic oil boilers to get their homes to a comfortable temperature.

Why Are the Prices Decreasing?

We shouldn't complain and instead should grasp this welcome decrease with both hands, but it's always interesting to find out why the heating oil price is on a decline. This is down to the decrease in crude oil and the purchase of stock on the increase. This has all contributed to the price we pay for our domestic oil prices.

We saw a steady decline in the prices of heating oil in October 2012. From mid month the price per barrel really took a steady dive, which caused many households to stock up for the winter period.

Will the Prices Stay Low?

There were some major concerns that Hurricane Sandy which has just ravaged the USA would affect the central heating oil prices. But reports state that this is not the case, so we should be enjoying these lower prices for a little longer.

Nevertheless this is the time to buy if you are filling up your domestic oil tanks for the winter. Once that cold snap reallykicks in, it appears that the prices which are now at the lowest they have been for some time could increase.

We have no control on the price of domestic oil prices UK and prices are determined on the price per barrel, so if you are thinking of filling your tanks for the winter, now is probably the best time to do it.

Get Your Home Warm for Winter

I'm sure by now you've noticed how the nights have taken an icy turn. Summer is definitely behind us and it's time to turn onthose domestic oil burners and start heating up the home. Putting your boiler on a timer and not running it constantly can make a huge difference to your heating oil price.

Running your heating all day and night will cost you considerably. Of course while you try and get your home to that comfortable temperature, having the heating on full time can make a difference, then change it to a timer and enjoy a warm home day and night while the rain bashes down outside and the wind howls.

The heating oil price decrease is pretty static at the moment, although there is no guarantee how long it will stay at this lowprice. Families are rushing to fill their domestic oil tanks whilst enjoying the affordable central heating oil prices.

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