Surprisingly Common Causes of Hearing Loss

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    Nov 15, 2012
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Hearing loss is a frustrating health concern, and most people try to avoid things associated with causing a loss of hearing.  Many realize that loud noises and age are both common culprits, but there are some other causes that might be surprising to many people.  Everyday activities such as using a cell phone, mowing a lawn, and even taking a pain reliever can all contribute to a loss of hearing in young, healthy people.

From an early age, most people are advised against listening to music at a loud volume, with or without the use of headphones.  Today's headphones are a little better, offering a greater level of volume control without sacrificing sound quality.  Although music players are often blamed for hearing loss, there is another common gadget that is just as bad for hearing.  Cell phones are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to damaging hearing.  Many cell phone users keep the volume turned up to the highest level all the time, not just when there is extra background noise.  Using cell phones for more than one hour a day can cause high frequency hearing loss, impairing the user's ability to clearly hear s, f, t, and z sounds.

People often use safety goggles and other protective gear while mowing their lawn, but often forget to use ear protection.  Continuous loud noise from lawn mowers can also result in hearing loss, although many may only initially notice a temporary loss which resolves itself after a few hours.  Take a tip from professional gardeners, and use ear protectors when cutting grass or using a weed trimmer.

When we have an ache or pain, many of us often reach for an over the counter pain medication to treat it.  However, scientists have discovered that these tablets can actually damage hearing even in healthy, young people.  A study by the American Journal of Pain Medicine has shown that individuals who take these pain medications twice a week or more are at an increased risk for hearing loss.  High doses of these pain medications are toxic to the ear and can cause hearing loss and tinnitus.  It is recommended that people taking these medications regularly consult with their physician to seek alternative remedies for their pain, and monitor their hearing accordingly.

Hearing well is something many take for granted, until hearing loss causes interference with daily life.  By practicing good hearing health, we can keep our ears working well for a lifetime.

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