Newest Digital Hearing Aids Can Help People Enjoy Hearing Again

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    Jun 21, 2013
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Hearing aid
Hearing aid
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Over the years hearing loss can crop up and worsen to where people may be unaware of what they are missing. Years of compensating for hearing loss can cause people to become isolated and frustrated. There is an answer to dealing with hearing loss: Today’s new digital hearing aids offer better performance than ever before, opening up a whole world of sound. If one lives in Connecticut for example, there are hearing centers located in the Danbury, Farmington, Litchfield and Avon areas that can sell people state-of-the-art hearing devices. Whether one lives in CT or elsewhere, the first step to better hearing is to schedule an assessment.

With over 10% of the U.S. population suffering from some form of hearing loss, regular hearing assessments can pinpoint problems before they become serious. If a person is over age 60 that rate climbs to nearly 30%. Hearing professionals offer thorough assessments that can help people understand what is causing their hearing problem. One way to get started is to take an online survey that can help indicate the cause of one’s hearing problem. These surveys should never replace an in-person test, but they can help people better understand their hearing loss.

Next an actual in-person test is recommended. The hearing test usually lasts about 60-90 minutes. Hearing professionals are trained in audiology so they know how to administer and interpret hearing tests and can offer every individual a custom solution for their hearing problem. It’s important to ask about accessories and aftercare wherever one goes for a hearing evaluation. Those professionals that offer a one-stop resource for testing, hearing devices, batteries and other items make it easier for people who need these services.

Once the assessment is complete hearing professionals will then match the right device to the individual for a custom fit. Today’s hearing aids are incredibly small and are not visible to others. They provide remarkable sound quality and allow people to get back to their active lives. Modern hearing aids are a lot different than the hearing aids of even just a few years ago. Digital hearing aids include technology that adjusts to the wearer’s surroundings. Whether a person is indoors or outdoors, in a crowd or walking through the woods on a windy day, the hearing aid compensates for disturbances in the listening environment. It also can identify noises and keep them from causing feedback. Digital hearing aids can be individually programmed via a computer so each person can have a custom hearing aid setup.

Ideally a person will visit a hearing specialist before hearing loss progresses. Losing one’s ability to hear is a serious issue that can affect quality of life. It only takes a few minutes to get a hearing evaluation. With today’s advanced hearing devices, a person will not have to worry that their hearing aid is visible to others. Ultimately the choice of a modern hearing aid and follow up from a physician and hearing specialists can provide years of better hearing.

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Allison Roberts offers her insights about hearing aids and hearing evaluations based on her years working for a Connecticut hearing aid company.

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