Basic Things That You Should Know About Hearing Aids Before Purchase

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    Apr 16, 2014
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Basic Things That You Should Know About Hearing Aids Before Purchase Photo by Century Hearingaids

Hearing aids is a necessity for those who experience problems or limitations related to their ear functioning. The good news is that technology has evolved quite rapidly in the recent times, providing a plethora of choices to people dealing with medical issues. Resultantly, those looking for affordable hearing aids without compromising on the overall quality will not find it difficult. So, which are the basic kinds of aids available to those who want to go for the purchase?

The common ones are as follows.

• Behind The Ear (BTE)
• Custom Fit
• In The Ear (ITE) Silicone

As the name indicates, BTE aids are all about natural feel and instant comfort. These generally remain behind your ear in a discreet manner and contain a plastic thin tube. This tube is capable of slipping within your ear canal effortlessly and the beauty of this aid is that it doesn't plug off your ear canal in any way. The cheaper costs of such aids compared to others is because you do not have to custom fit or mold it for your specific requirements in any way. It is interesting to note that 50% of people tend to use these open kinds of devices because any obstructions related to your ear may seem like an unnecessary intrusion.

ITE devices are made from silicon soft material, giving you high quality, comfortable fit. When it comes to comparing hearing aids prices, you will find that such devices are quite affordable, especially when one considers the benefits associated with them. Being IN THE EAR signifies that these remain almost invisible to the naked eye. So you can now get rid of your limited hearing issues without anyone else being the wiser. Another benefit of ITE is because of the presence of silicone in it. This material is capable of achieving body temperature easily so that it doesn't feel as if you continuously have a foreign object in your ear.

Custom fit aids, as the name indicates are specially tailor made for your specific needs. It is ideal for those people who are unable to achieve that much-needed comfort with other available styles in the market.

Different traditional medical stores as well as those present online provide such kind of services to patients and all they require is ear molds for shaping their aids according to your needs.

Now the question may arise, what kind of technologies does hearing aids utilize? You can broadly classify such technology under two heads.

• Analog
• Digital

Traditional aids tend to use the analog technology in the various products available with them. The main benefit of analog is that you will get a cheap hearing aid for your requirements and these come with a simple fit. While these are quite capable of amplifying the sound, when it comes to fine-tuning the results may be dismal. Digital aids on the other hand, remain program to the hearing requirements of different patient specifically. No wonder these have captured 90% of the hearing aid market these days.
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