Efficiency And Reliability Through IBM LTO4 Tape

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    Nov 19, 2012
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Linear Tape Open technology was pioneered by Seagate, IBM, and the leading tape specialist, Hewlett-Packard. When the news of Linear Tape Open technology hit the corporate world, each and every business had their eyes on it. The buzz in the corporate world was that if three great brands of the Information Technology industry have collaborated to create something it must be revolutionary. When Linear Tape Open technology lived up to the expectations of the corporate world and changed it completely for good.

Linear Tape Open technology introduced to the corporate world high levels of efficiency and reliability. The products of Linear Tape Open technology were not just mediums of backup technology but they were drives that accelerated the overall performance of the business. The fourth generation of Linear Tape Open technology proved to remarkably successful when I was launched in the year 2007 and was embraced by the corporate world by open arms.

IBM ultrium 4 cartridge has a raw data storage capacity of 800 GB. This LTO4 tape also comes with the compression feature which multiples its storage capacity by 2 and raises it to the limit of 1600 GB. To support such high data storage capacity the tape has a raw data processing speed of 80 Megabytes’ per second whereas the compressed data processing speed is 160 MB/sec. On average the tape can function with the processing speed of 120 Megabytes’ per second. Such high storage capacity and processing speed contribute in raising the productivity, efficiency and reliability of the business.

IBM LTO ultrium4 solution fulfilled the need of securing data at a low cost and fast speed. Advancements in technology also gave rise to white collar and other Hi-Tech crime. Rise in this trend of crime exposed businesses to the problem of data tampering and stealing of important data.  IBM LTO4 solution introduced the encryption feature which allowed put a code on data when it was backed up on the data. This allowed data to be read by only in charge personnel. Encryption features allowed businesses to achieve high levels of security without the installation of extra software’s and hardware’s.

The size of IBM LTO4 tape is extremely very compact, which means that there can be more shelf space in the office. Most offices encounter the problem of storing data tapes but since this LTO4 can store massive amounts of data the numbers of tapes that need to be purchased by the business are reduced. The secondary benefit of installing this LTO4 also includes less petty expenditure made by the business.

The price of IBM LTO4 tape is set at a very affordable level.The reason for this low price is to make available the technology to more and more businesses so they too can achieve high levels of efficiency which will lead to success. Businesses not only in US but all around the globe are installed IBM LTO4 tapes and if your business is not one of them, it is only losing an opportunity that will allow it to reach new levels of success.

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