Compact TL-2000 Library is a Smart Investment for LTO-5 Tape and Previous Two Generations

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    Nov 16, 2012
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If you are the I.T manager of small/midsized company and want to ensure long term security of your computer data, then this article is for you!

Most of the business enterprises that go down for date loss reasons don’t have a reliable disaster recovery strategy. If operational data is lost or not transferred to the workforce in time, the organization allows rival companies to easily walk away with their business revenue.

Some organizations manually create data backups on DVDs and external hard disks. But this approach is error-prone, disrupts your routine operations and also consumes a lot of time. A simple and more efficient way to backup data is automated tape library.

This compact solution reduces human intervention, packs more data volumes and supports multiple backup applications.

Dell manufactures a vast range of backup storage products that allow trouble-free addition of IT components and maximize performance. Small and medium organizations looking to consolidate their storage equipment can count on Dell’s intelligently-engineered TL2000 library.  Customers can manage the increasing storage needs, well into the future, as the library is compatible with three LTO (Linear Tape Open) generations. From LTO-3 up to LTO5, all tape versions are compatible, which maximizes the usability of your LTO resources.

Dell is also a world-leader in LTO technology, so you can rely on Dell for the tape media and drives. A single brand for all tape devices means greater compatibility, usability and storage value. The TL-2000 library is a compact 2U (rack space) solution that stores up to 36.0 TB uncompressed data. Compression functionality provides more cost benefits and further scales the capacity to 72 terabytes. Tape slots are increased to 24, and new intelligent bar-code reader has been incorporated to handle the media tapes. They are properly organized and ensure fastest data restores.

To store data onto these tapes, users can connect wide range of drives. A single full height drive based on LTO5, LTO-4 and LTO ultrium 3 technology can be connected through SAS, Fiber channel or iSCSI interface. Users also have the option to incorporate a single full height drive. So the busy data centers can perform seamless backup/restore operations and meet the deadlines for their customers’ requests. Fast data processing is also important when your enterprise applications are burdened by the large databases. 1008 GB data can be reliably copied within an hour. Such high-speed is not offered by the rival tape libraries.

Remote web interface connects IT staff to this user-friendly library, thus saving more time. So the IT managers can solve all issues from their home, and ensure superior performance round-the-clock. This smart library keeps an eye on all operations and highlights the areas that can create problems in future. So the IT managers can maintain superior performance level through their proactive decisions. LTO drives can write-read other tape brands as well. So the data can be shared across heterogeneous LTO environment as well as LTO systems of other organizations.

Dell also brings you technical assistance and deployment services, thus providing a single point of contact for all your needs.

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