IBM LTO4 Tape-Technology That Protects Your Business Data At A Low Cost

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    Nov 29, 2012
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Businesses invest a great deal of time in formulating a successful strategy which will increase its efficiency and profitability. Every business has a unique strategy which suits its scale of production and targeted customers. But all this effort becomes futile if a business has not installed a reliable backup technology and loses its data permanently. Business data is the most important asset and it should be the foremost priority of any business to secure its data. Without this essential data business would not be able to function smoothly.

According to the statistics compiled by Home Office Computing Magazine, 30 percent of the businesses that lose their data because of some major fire go out of business within a year and 70 percent of the fail within 5 year time. These statistics are alarming as business data is susceptible to many threats like power failure, virus attack, software and hardware malfunction, so exposure to any such threat means computer failure and loss of data for a business. Without a backup technology there is no other way that the business would be able to recover its data completely. As the statistics show that because of permanent loss of data business not only loses its revenue but it can even lead to total business failure.

Today technology is touching new heights and is providing businesses with innovative solutions to their backup requirements. IBM launched the magnetic tape computer storage in 1952 and since then it has provided businesses with state of the art tape technology which delivers optimal performance at an affordable price. IBM LTO ultrium 4 is the smart solution for data backup, recovery and archiving.

It offers its customers increased storage capacity along with fast transfer rate so that a business can operate efficiently. It can store 800 GB of native data and with the compression feature this capacity is doubled (1600 GB of compressed data). IBM LTO4 drive transfers native data at a speed of 80 megabytes’ per hour and compressed data at 160 megabytes’ per second.

IBM LTO4 tape drive is WORM (write once read many) compatible which means business can secure it data integrity. As WORM feature makes sure that data cannot be edited once it has been written on the tape. It protects the data against any un-authorized access and business can access its data multiple times.

IBM LTO4 drive is also backward compatible which means that data can be written to the older generation of LTO tape without any hassle.  This tape can be used with LTO encryption enabled drives which makes sure that data is properly encrypted and stored on the tape. IBM system storage tape drives make sure that business data is reliably stored and retained for long period of time.

IBM is committed to providing its customers maximum satisfaction and this tape is no exception as its manufacturers offer a warranty for this tape. IBM LTO4 tape not only provides massive storage capacity and other amazing features like WORM compatibility and Backward compatibility but also it is the most cost-effective backup technology which all businesses can trust completely.

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