Innovative Compliance Monitoring Systems

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    Nov 27, 2012
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Since globalization has changed the face of business around the globe, it’s not about local products and sales anymore, but instead commodities that are carried hundreds of miles every day to their potential consumers. Storage of these commodities plays an important role in the whole process. While non perishable and durable goods don’t pose any difficulty with their transfers, the same can't be said for perishable and non durable goods. Such commodities have storage conditions that are critical to keep them stable and therefore require special storage facilities to assure their quality is maintained until they reach their users.

The most typical condition to maintain is proper temperature and humidity levels in the storage unit. Traditionally, this is a manual task, individual temperature and humidity monitoring systems were employed that can display the current compliance levels for a particular area. Such systems require an individual present all the time so that they can collect the real time information and accordingly adjust the temperature and moisture levels.

The whole process used to be quite frustrating for the individual in-charge and also was prone to errors and negligence. Each commodity has its own storage requirements. And monitoring such requirements for each commodity is time consuming. Also, there are ample opportunities of mismanagement of conditions which can result in damage that can, in some cases, cost hundreds if not thousand of dollars.

This drawback can be nearly eliminated with the automated compliance systems. Newer technologies and innovations are continuously improving storage facilities and making it possible for warehouse authorities to monitor storage temperatures and moisture with efficiency and with minimal human involvement. These systems are equipped with automated logging, alerting, and data hosting, so you can simply enter the desired temperature and moisture levels and the rest is handled by the system. Such wireless thermometer and moisture control apparatus will automatically adjust the storage facility in accordance with the required compliance standards. The most innovative part of these systems is that they can monitor multiple places with one system. If there are different commodities stored that have different requirements, one monitoring system can be configured to handle everything.

These temperature monitoring systems have significantly reduced human intervention. That means a one time investment in these systems can cut labor input that otherwise were employed to monitor and control storage temperatures. And most importantly, the chances of human negligence can be drastically reduced.

The biggest plus of these next gen Compliance Monitoring systems is their remote accessibility. You have the access to real time information at any time and at any place, provided you have internet access on your desktop or Laptop. You can monitor each humidity and temperature logger and can even make changes to them.

There are also compact versions of these compliance monitoring systems that can be installed in storage trucks, giving you mobility with safety. Investing with these probe monitor systems is certainly going to be a wise decision. These systems not only pay for themselves but can also allow you to enter premium storage markets.

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With the automated temperature monitoring system, you can claim several benefits over manually logging your storage units. These systems will induce better accuracy and efficiency and lower dependence on manual logging and the cost of storage.

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