Giving a Better Campus Tour with a Custom Golf Cart

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    Nov 19, 2012
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Each fall, millions of high school students across the country begin to consider what their next move will be when summer arrives. While most will eventually wait with baited breath for the acceptance letter to the college they want so badly, the initial decisions belong to them. Most students apply to between three and twelve universities, with the average applications per student remains at approximately six. And most students will tour at least this many schools in efforts to narrow the list of schools and find just the right one. The tour gives you a first-hand impression, can play a very important role for the college trying to attract the best possible candidates.

Sixty-five percent of students admit that the campus tour was the biggest factor in ultimately deciding where to apply. And the majority of schools rely on students to act as tour guides. This is a perfectly acceptable option, if you are making decisions on behalf of a college admissions office. However, it can be very beneficial to consider ways that you might ensure these students deliver a very convincing presentation or that the prospective families are won over in other ways – One of the best ways is a custom golf cart tour of campus.

Dress to Impress

Just as a student preparing to interview for a position with your school would likely go to some length to ensure a proper first impression, you and your volunteers should do the same. Many schools today are so loyal to their school colors that they even provide stripped neckties in those shades to members of the Admissions staff. It is not just the people, however, that should be dressed well. Consider the small items that make a big difference around campus. For instance, are the awnings over building entrances torn or faded? Do the buildings and grounds employees push around rusted hand carts or do they proudly showcase their custom golf carts? In warmer months, is the landscaping colorful and alive or withering in the hot sun?

GPS tour

At some campuses, today, many prospective students are foregoing the traditional tour and, instead, opting for a GPS guided tour instead. For those that are shy, nervous, or simply trying to hit a large number of schools in a short amount of time, this can be a wonderful option. However, in a car they can’t possibly see the beautiful intricacies within the buildings – top of the line technology, larger than usual dorm rooms, state of the art dining rooms. Handheld GPS devices can provide a much more effective tour in these instances.

Be Aware of Size

For larger campuses, asking prospective students to walk can be asking a lot. Even if you can’t afford to outfit each tour-taker with motorized transportation, an outfit of mobile hospitality carts can be very useful. Whether a simple golf cart or something more elegant, a cold beverage and snack delivered to touring families can make a very big impact. Particularly on very hot or very cold days, golf beverage carts would be a very welcome site.

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