Of Mistresses and Golf Clubs

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    May 21, 2013
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Of Mistresses and Golf Clubs Photo by Ram Kausik

There is a saying: The greatest lie is the one we tell ourselves. For the past one year, there is a lie that Tiger woods have been telling to comfort himself - “I am doing just fine?” The truth is very removed from his firm belief. The once illustrious professional golfer has been on a one way trip to the sports dump zone, where sports dreams go to die, ever since his alter ego was brought to surface.

Who would have thought that ‘The Tiger Woods’ would have a sleazy Dr Jekyll lurking underneath the distinguished American all-star persona he has been feeding the masses. Apparently his life highlighted by his professional career was also had sporadic gaps which he filled with his sex- capades. It was an altogether new brand of dual identity- professional golfer by day and cheating husband by night.

It’s been around three years since the first (of many to follow) affair came to the notice of the press and his then wife- Elin Nordegren (in that order). Then came the walk of shame with a parade of mistresses claiming to have indulged in ‘carnal’ relationships with the super star after which a distraught Elin took to beating the metal fittings out of Woods’ SUV with golf clubs ( ironic, isn’t it). He was just lucky that it was the USV and not him at the receiving end of those golf clubs. Ever since the scandal, Tiger woods profile has been on a downward spiral. The guy who was in the WORLD Number one position since June of 1997 to October 2010 dropped down to number fifty eight position after a year of to deal with the issues regarding his marriage and infidelity.

The only saving grace came in the form of the Chevron World Challenge in December 2011. This might just put him back in the top five positions that he was so used to back in those days. Now that his career was once again in the right track, Wood’s desperately trying to sort thing out in his marriage life as well. He even tried proposing to Elin, last Christmas, in an attempt to win her back. But Elin has been bitten one and is shy the second the time around. She is not taking him back without the addition of a $350 million anti-cheating clause in the contract. There is another saying:” it is always better to get it in writing. This is true, especially in Elin’s case, since Woods’ vows were not exactly binding before.

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