Create Your Wedding Gift Registry the Right Way!

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    Jun 27, 2014
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Create Your Wedding Gift Registry the Right Way! Photo by Nunu Luan

Hong Bao, gifts or both? By creating your personal wedding gift registry in the Hong Kong style, you can help your guests choose their red envelope for monetary gifts or a vacuum cleaner with equal ease. Premium stores like Double Happiness Gifts & Registry HK are certainly your friend in need and help you stock up on things that you really need – rather than those that you would gratefully assign to a corner in your attic or  mark to be given away as charity or a gift.

Creating an appropriate wedding registry is both overwhelming and full of fun. Along with being respectful to your guests and helping you furnish your newly wedded life together, they serve to be a polite way of offering a peep into your tastes and wishes and the gifts that you would be "glad to receive". Here, you get a closer look into the world of wedding gift registries and the correct ways of going about the act.

  • Your guests will want to bestow you with a wedding gift, regardless of whether you want them to do so or not. Remember to drop the right hints.
  • Register for more items for better results. Apart from offering the flexibility of pricing, choosing items from many categories is a nice way of showing kindness to those who care. Registering for only high-end items can offend or frustrate those with lesser money on their hands.
  • If you intend to invite people from across your geographical boundaries, then strive to select a store which can be accessed online or in person, by one and all.
  •  Instead of registering for things that matter to both of you, you may also go ahead and register for stuff that can be donated to your favorite charity. These days, some organizations offer a wedding registry option and help you with great ideas for turning your wedding into a feel-good event. In a nutshell, share your good fortune.
  • Before freezing on your registry site, have a full understanding of its return policies. Usually, stores offer many exciting ways of 'finishing' your registry, exchange terms and facilities of buying un-purchased items at a discount.
  • Last but not the least, you can choose to go the unconventional way and register for money. No longer a sore subject with wedding guests, it’s now perfectly acceptable to sign up with cash gift/ honeymoon websites. However it is important to research these registries and understand the "gift-cut" that the site is desirous of keeping for itself.

Allowing people to be aware of your wedding registry is but a tricky balancing act that passes on the correct information regarding what you would like as gifts. So, if your guests ask for your registry information, just pass it along—you will not be disappointed!

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