Surprise your Mom with a Unique Mother's Day Idea

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    Apr 07, 2013
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Black Crystal Opal Pendant from
Black Crystal Opal Pendant from
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With Mother's day only a few weeks away, it's a good idea to start considering what to get Mom. And with every department store, greeting card shop, and supermarket saying they have the perfect Mother's Day gift, it can be a difficult choice. Would she want that diamond tennis bracelet? A bottle of wine? How about that Blender? How about a photo pendant? Remember that Mother's Day is first and foremost about reminding Mom that she's appreciated and loved. And luckily, there are different ways to go about it.

One way to remind mom of all the good times is a photo pendant from Kathy Lo. She'd love a silver necklace that has photos of the whole family. And for each addition to the family, Kathy Lo sells photo charms to add to a necklace. So that photos aren't lost, the image is digitally sent with the order, and the photo will look perfectly fine, since a professional photo team resize, fix, or even color change the photo if a sepia or black and white picture is a better option. The pendants are also waterproof so it won't get damaged if it gets wet.

Of course, if a photo pendant isn't the best option for mom, there are plenty of other options. Remember, it's all about how much everyone loves Mom and there's no one way to express that. There's the tried and true, guaranteed to make Mom feel special and know the family loves her, "Mom's Day off" where the family serves her breakfast in bed, and sends her to a spa or a friend's house, or just plain lets her sit around while they do all the things she does for them, and then finishes it with her favorite dinner.

And there's always the option of making things for mom by hand. A knit or crocheted blanket, hand-woven potholders, or hand sewn throw pillows can be made exactly how Mom would like it. And a handmade sculpture, or painting will give mom something to tell everyone for years. And a photo album or scrapbook will help Mom relive every amazing experience she's had with the family, her friends, and throughout her life. There's no gift better than remembering the amazing things one's done, and who they've done them with.

And while, it may seem like a cliche, there's nothing wrong with setting up a gift basket. And what's fun about that is that it's able to be customized for any type of personality. Does mom like movies? Some DVD's, a box of popcorn, movie theater candy, and even movie passes. Does mom like to relax? Facial masks, luxurious body washes, bubble bath. Is mom a foodie? A bottle of wine, some of her favorite things to eat. Does mom lik e to knit? A few pattern books, some yarn, and a few sets of knitting needles. And it's perfectly fine to add a small touch like a necklace or bracelet.

Of course, there's nothing that beats experiences. An outing to Mom's favorite place to visit, a trip to her favorite restaurant, or a gift certificate to a spa for a relaxing day will provide an unforgettable Mother's Day. And don't forget that while the event is important, it's nothing compared to who it's spent with. Go with her to the beach. Include an extra spa certificate so she can bring a friend. And it's a good idea to send her with a camera so she can remember the events and people she lived them with.

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