Candy Buffet Ideas for Birthday Parties

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    Jan 20, 2014
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Candy Buffet Ideas for Birthday Parties Photo by Ryan Justin

Everyone seems to be in love with candies. Not even kids, but also elderly ones, they are all fond of candies and sweets. Sweets are necessary for a party, whether it is a small get together or large event. There ought to be a sweet and dessert section in the buffet menu. Nowadays, candy buffets are organized for even marriage functions, in which there is served different varieties of candies, toffees, and sweets at the counter.
For event organizers, it is at times somewhat very hectic to plan a perfect candy buffet, especially if it is a birthday party. Given below are some great and most followed candy buffet ideas –

Rainbow Candy Buffet Idea –

In this beautiful decoration scheme, sweets are planned in a rainbow like style. White things are the clouds, which can be prepared using white colored sweets and toffees. Alternatively, you can also use white canvas for the same. To set up a rainbow like feel, you need to collect and arrange sweets of different colors of a multihued.

Teenage Girls’ Birthday –

For this, you need to arrange something girlish. Be careful, as teenage girls are very difficult to please. The perfect idea of candy buffet for a teenage girl’s birthday would be pink and orange setup. These two are well-liked colors, and you can pick candies of different sizes and flavors but of these colors. You can decorate them in crystal bowls or whichever way you like. You can pick background of either of these colors. While decorating the candy buffet, do not forget the theme of the party.

Open Air Birthday Party –

If you are organizing a birthday party in an open air, green lawn, you can try something close to nature. You can use green-white-yellow candy buffet. You should create the set up on a separate table or counter, and you can use sheet of any of your favorite color. But, you should make sure that the color of the table cover does not overlap the colors of the candies. You need to decorate the section with floral decoration.

Things to consider While Decorating

There are a number of things that you should pay attention towards, while designing the candy buffet for your kid’s birthday party; check out following –

Buy the fresh stock – If you are going to throw the party, it is always advisable to buy the candies and sweets just a couple of days back. It will help you sort and manage all required candies in requisite order.

Presentation – If it is your kid’s birthday party, it is suggested to pay attention to height of the buffet counter. It should be set at a height that is suitable for kids. In addition to, do not forget to include your kid’s favorite toffee in it.

Try inviting all his/her friends – It is also very important to invite friends of your child. It will give him a chance to enjoy the event to the fullest.

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