Tips for Gifts Registry Make your Special Day more Appealing

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    Jul 01, 2014
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Tips for Gifts Registry Make your Special Day more Appealing Photo by Nunu Luan

If you are waiting to tie the knot in the near future, then your guests will be happy to celebrate with you and help you adorn your new home with thoughtfully chosen gifts and in the right way. Double Happiness Gifts & Registry HK launches its new website platform to help your cause with its ultimate gift registry service!

Receiving and giving away gifts is always special; especially if you intend to do so for your wedding, birthday, bridal shower or any other special occasion. These top tips are best kept in mind while planning your bridal registry. Read on for more:

Early Registrations

Stop waiting. Registering for wedding day gifts are appropriately one of the first few tasks that you need to tackle after getting engaged. Your relative and friends would be glad to have the guesswork out of their gift buying spree and will thank you for enabling them know what you really want. And yes, you need not put up an exhaustive list yet; just a brief idea about your requirements is enough at this stage!

Register for all that you want –Together

As you look forward to beginning your life together, sign up for your gift registry Hong Kong in unison; hit the stores; and choose gifts that are ideal for both of you. It’s best to take inventory beforehand and note the gaps. From electronics to kitchenware, camping tools, appliances and furnishings you can look forward to getting all that you need by choosing the right stuff on your favored bridal registry.

Pay Attention to Avoidables

There are some things that you will be using on a regular basis while there are many others that are just added to your list on impulse—to be given away or never to be used after your wedding. While planning your registry scanner, you need to think about how you are going to live. For instance a crystal punch bowl is totally avoidable you are not the formal party types. Also, steer clear of monogrammed gifts, as anything that has your name inscribed cannot be returned or gifted in future.

Hit Every Price Point and Check for Return Policies

Even though you may be hankering for that awesome looking $350-a-place-setting silver, ensure that you register for items across a large bracket of price points: under $200, under $100, under $75, under $50 and so forth. This helps your guests pick gifts in line with their budgetary restraints. It is also advisable to have a fair idea in regards to the store's return policies, exchange
All the best!

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