Double Happiness Gifts & Registry HK launches new e-shop, the best in gifts and homewares

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    Aug 04, 2014
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Double Happiness Gifts & Registry HK launches new e-shop, the best in gifts and homewares Photo by Nunu Luan

A gift registry one of the best perks of getting married, is oft preferred by soon-to-be-brides. While some of them are pretty comfortable with the idea of asking well-wishers and guests for wedding gifts directly, others are shy and like to add as little as possible to their registry.

If you have decided to create a gift registry HK for your big day, then these tips will go a long way in making present giving a delightful and fulfilling experience for your guests.

Regular Updating of List is a Must

The general formula is to have at least twice as many items on your list as there are guests; and keep updating the same. With plenty of choices on hand, they will find it easier to purchase them for you and you can refrain from appearing greedy too.

Announce your List; but Subtly

It is not appropriate to have the details of your gift list printed on your invitation. Yes, it does suggest that your wedding invitation is dependent on a present. You may however choose to sneak in a small card with relevant list details or provide a link to the homewares Hong Kong and/ or favored gift registry site, as you deem fit. In contemporary times, this is considered acceptable.

Select Items in a Wide Price Range

While choosing homewares HK or other kinds of gifts Hong Kong, it’s a good idea to make sure that the items selected by you are equipped to suit a wide range of budgets. Instead of going in for a few expensive gifts, you can choose plenty of smaller and less costly products. You guests will find it easier to put together a few inexpensive items than pool together to invest in a pricier one.

Have a Flexible List

Remember that it is quite okay for your guests to purchase gifts that have not been included on your list. In fact, you should be grateful that they have invested their efforts and time in selecting a present which they assumed that you would like. Even if you happen to end up with duplicate gifts, then it is not the end of the world.

Say a Prompt Thank-you!

Your gift registry is usually equipped with a list that shows the purchased gifts and the name of the buyer; which enables you to write back a thank you note easily. To make the note more personalized, you may mention the product and ensure that it reaches the sender within a month of returning from your honeymoon, at the very least.

All the best!

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