Wondering Why You Cannot Get Rid of Those Bed Bugs?

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    May 01, 2013
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Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
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Ugh. Bed bugs. They can be such an irritating insect. First of all, they crawl around in your bed at night and bite you, and during the day you can never seem to find their hiding places. When you try to kill them on your own, you may think you are doing everything right – only to discover later on that the bed bugs are still in your room and are still snacking on you every night. It can be very frustrating to try so hard only to realize that your hard work has been thwarted by these creepy pests.

People do indeed try everything when it comes to ridding their home of bed bugs. They go online and do research into how to kill them. They will wash their sheets in the hottest water possible. They will lay down specific powders or household cleaners in the hopes of taking out the bed bugs. They will try to look everywhere to find the bed bugs. And yet, one of the simplest things that people fail to do is to read up about bed bugs themselves. Many people don’t even realize that bed bug eggs have the ability to stick to surfaces and while there are a lot of ways to kill the adults, the eggs will remain only to hatch and spawn a new wave of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not necessarily that hard to kill, they are just extremely good at living. That is, they hide, they eat, they mate, and they reproduce with many offspring. They can do this multiple times during their lives, and it doesn’t take long for bed bugs to mature into adults either. From there the cycle simply continues until for every bed bug you eliminate, there are dozens more lurking in any number of locations.

Bed bug hiding places can be almost anywhere. The pages of magazines or books. The underside of box springs. Behind picture frames. Behind wallpaper. In the rug or carpeting. In crevices and cracks. Even if you actively look in a place, they might scurry away before you ever get the chance to see them. Vacating the room won’t work either because bed bugs can live for months without anything to eat.

You need to call for help. The issue is, that people will do everything they can sometimes to avoid calling an exterminator. However, in some cases it can be much cheaper and much, much more effective than trying to exterminate them your self. Putting down a lot of different products can be costly and leave you without any real solution. By contacting an exterminator you will be able to get the problem done and over with in one strike. They have methods of detecting bed bugs as well as methods of getting rid of them that you simply don’t have access to. Their products are also likely to be more eco-friendly than what is suggested on the internet. They will know how to destroy bed bug eggs, larvae, and adults. As you speak with them they may also be able to posit ideas on how your home was infested in the first place.

Professionals are always the best option so you’re not stuck worrying about the problem and constantly trying different things only to be met with failure. Have the job done right by a technician who’s been on the job for a long time. This will give you peace of mind once more.

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